Regular Meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners
       7:30 p.m., Monday, May 10, 2004
  Village Hall Council Chambers
I.      Meeting Called to Order
II.     Approval of Minutes
        A. Regular Board Meeting of April 12, 2004
        B. Annual Meeting of April 12, 2004
III.    Communications and Correspondence
IV.   Recognition of Visitors
V.   Approval of Voucher List
VI.   Committee Reports
           A. Parks and Recreation 
           B.  Golf/Restaurant Operations
                 1. Approval of Clubhouse Building Insurance Settlement
                 2. Approval of Scope of Proposed Clubhouse Replacement
                 3. Authorization for Golf Architect to Develop Plans for Course Renovation
                 4. Approval of Engineering Services for Parking Lot and Site Improvements
                 5. Approval of Irrigation Consultant to Provide Bid Documents for Golf Course Irrigation System
                 6. Authorization for Golf Operations Committee to Conduct Hearing
                 7. Approval of Re-naming Golf Course
           C.  Centennial Operations
           D. Financial Planning and Policy
               1. Approval of Harris Public Finance Division as Frnancial Consultant/Underwriter for Golf Course Planning
VII.   Mallinckrodt Property
VIII.   Director’s Report
IX.     Unfinished Business
X.     New Business
          A. Approval of Ordinance 2004-O-2 (Ethics Ordinance)
XI.    Adjourn to Executive Session
XII.   Consideration of Action, if any, of items discussed in Executive Session
XIII.   Adjournment