Regular Meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners
Monday, August 13, 2007
Village Hall Council Chambers
I.          Meeting Called to Order
II.          Approval of Minutes
III.         Communications and Correspondence
IV.        Recognition of Visitors
V.         Approval of Voucher List
VI.        Committee Reports
            A.         Financial Planning & Policy
                        1.         Public Hearing concerning the intent of the Board of Park Commissioners to sell $7,300,000 General Obligation Limited Tax Park Bonds.
                        2.         Approval of Resolution 2007-R-9 (Procurement Card Program)
            B.         Parks and Recreation
                        1.         Approval of Ordinance 2007-O-7: (Dog Beach Hours in Gillson Park)
                        2.         Bid Approval: Mallinckrodt Park Benches, Trash Receptacles and Park Tables
                        3.         Authorization for Thompson Dyke to proceed to Phase 2 of the Skate Park Project
                        4.         Authorization to retain Gewalt-Hamilton Associates for CRC Parking Lot
            C.         Golf Operations
            D.         Centennial Operations
VII.       Director’s Report
VIII.       Unfinished Business
            A.         Park District Centennial Celebration
                        1.         Approval of Logo Design
IX.        New Business
            A.         Approval of Sublease Agreement between Park District and the Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association
            B.         Approval of Resolution 2007-R-10 (LDP Management Inc. Property Tax Assessment Appeal)
            C.         Authorization for the Director to sign the Consent to Grant of Easements with the Metropolitan Sanitary District (“MWRD”) for the Village of Wilmette’s Sheridan Road Construction Project
X.         Adjourn to Executive Session – (Discussion of the Employment of a Specific Employee(s) of the District in accordance with Section 2(c)(1) of the Open Meetings Act and discussion of pending, or probable and imminent litigation against, affecting or on behalf of the District in accordance with Section 2(c)(11) of the Open Meetings Act)
XII.        Reconvene Regular Board Meeting
            A.         Consideration of Action, If Any, of Items Discussed in Executive Session.
XIII.       Adjournment