Regular Meeting of the  Board of Park Commissioners
7:30 p.m., Monday, November 13, 2006
  Village Hall Council Chambers
I.    Meeting Called to Order
II.    Approval of Minutes
III.   Communications and Correspondence
IV.   Recognition of Visitors
       A. Wilmette Hockey/New Trier Hockey
       B. John McGovern, Executive Director of NSSRA
V.  Approval of Voucher List
VI. Committee Reports
       A. Parks & Recreation
                   1.  Ordinance 2006-O-8 (Smoking Regulations)
                   2.  Mallinckrodt Naming
       B. Golf Operations
                   1.  Food Service Operation
       C. Centennial Operations
       D. Financial Planning & Policy
                   1.  Resolution 2006-R-9 (Truth in Taxation)
                   2.  Appointment of Internal Controls Review Consulting Firm
VII.   Director's Report
VIII.    Unfinished Business
IX.    New Business
       A. Resolution 2006-R-10 – (Amendment to NSSRA Articles of Agreement)
       B. Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee Meeting Agenda Topics
X.    Adjournment to Executive Session -- (Discussion of the performance of a specific employee of the District in accordance with Section 2(c)(1) of the Open Meetings Act and the semi annual review of minutes of prior meetings lawfully closed under the Open Meetings Act for the purpose of possible release of such minutes in accordance with Section 2(c)(21) of the Open Meetings Act.)
XI.   Reconvene Regular Meeting
       A. Consideration of Action, if any, of Items Discussed in Executive Session
XIV.   Adjournment