Regular Meeting of the
Board of Park Commissioners
Monday, August 15, 2016
7:30 pm - Village Hall Council Chambers


I. Regular Meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners Called to Order
     A. Roll Call

II. Approval of Minutes
     A. July 11, 2016

III. Communications and Correspondence
     A. Thank you from Mark Weiner re: Park District amenitites

IV. Recognition of Visitors

V. Approval of Voucher List

VI. Executive Director’s Report

VII. Committee Reports
     A. Lakefront Committee 
     B. Facilities Operations Committee
     C. Parks & Recreation Committee
     D. Golf Operations Committee
     E. Financial Planning & Policy Committee

VIII. Unfinished Business

IX. New Business
     A. Appointment of Assistant Secretary – Libby Baker
     B. Appointment of Freedom of Information Act Officer – Libby Baker
     C. Appointment of Open Meetings Act Designee – Libby Baker
     D. Bid Recommendation for Roof Replacement at CRC

X. Adjournment