Lakefront Committee Meeting
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
6:30 p.m.  – Mallinckrodt Community Center


I. Meeting Called to Order
      Members of Committee:                        Staff:
      Commissioner Ryrie Pellaton, Chair     Superintendent Kathy Bingham
      Commissioner Bryan Abbott                 Superintendent Bill Lambrecht
      Commissioner Shelley Shelly

II. Approval of Minutes
      A. July 1, 2016
      B. August 8, 2016

III. Recognition of Visitors

IV. Communications and Correspondence
      A. Email from Dick Friedman re:  Bird Habitat
      B. Email from Trudy and Erich Gibbs re:  Restoration at Gillson Park
      C. Emails from Scott and Natalie Waterbury re:  Proposed Bird Habitat
      D. Email from Margaret Martin-Heaton re:  Bird Habitat
      E. Email from Sarah Schmidt re:  Bird Habitat
      F. Email from Amy Keller re:  Support of Bird Habitat
      G. Email from Sara Cotter re:  Gillson Park
      H. Email from Sarah Doran re:  Bird Habitat
       I. Email from Dan O’Bara re:  Habitat Concerns
       J. Email from Piper Rothschild re:  Gillson Bird Habitat

V. Unfinished Business
      A. Bird Habitat
      B. Lakefront RFQ – Verbal Update

VI. New Business
      A. Elmwood Beach – Verbal Update

VII. Manager’s Report

VIII. Adjournment