Lakefront Committee Meeting
Friday, July 1, 2016
9:00 a.m.  – Village Hall Training Room


I. Meeting Called to Order
       Members of Committee:                          Staff:
       Commissioner Ryrie Pellaton, Chair        Supt. Kathy Bingham
       Commissioner Bryan Abbott                    Supt. Bill Lambrecht
       Commissioner Shelley Shelly

II. Approval of Minutes
       A. June 6, 2016

III. Recognition of Visitors

IV. Communications and Correspondence

V. Unfinished Business
       A. Updates with Daily Trail-in Numbers and Comparisons with Winnetka
       B. Map of Paths for Gators
       C. Bird Habitat – Living Habitats
       D. Lakefront RFQ
       E. Lakefront Project – Discussion

VI. New Business

VII. Manager’s Report

VIII. Next Meeting
       A. August 1, 2016 (This would be tight if you wish to have RFQ  submissions back to us with concepts to discuss.  I would fear it would make some firms not submit.  August becomes a tough month to schedule due to vacation travel for a lot of people.  The Committee can look for a date that works for all later in the month, or set the time table for the RFQ to shoot for September to discuss submissions to set the field for who gets interviewed.

IX. Adjournment


If you are a person with a disability and need special accommodations to participate in and/or attend a Wilmette Park District public meeting, please notify the Director’s Office at 847-256-6100.