Lakefront Committee Meeting
Monday, June 5, 2017
6:30 p.m. – Mallinckrodt Community Center


I. Meeting Called to Order
Members of the Committee:                       Staff:
Commissioner Ryrie Pellaton, Chair          Superintendent Lambrecht
Commissioner Bryan Abbott                      Superintendent Bingham
Commissioner Shelley Shelly 
II. Approval of Minutes
A. May 1, 2017

III. Recognition of Visitors

IV. Communications and Correspondence
A. Email from Jessica Liess Reineck re:  Langdon Tot Lot
B. Email from Ben Tolsky re:  New Beach House
C. Email from Doreen Price re: Nonresident Senior Rates

V. Unfinished Business
A. Lakefront Project –Woodhouse Tinucci Architects

VI. New Business
A. Langdon Park –Capital Plan - Discussion

VII. Manager Report

VIII. Adjournment