Wilmette, IL

Overcast, mist, light snow
  • Overcast, mist, light snow
  • Temperature: 28.4 °F
  • Wind: NNE, 21.9 mph, gusts up to 32.2 mph
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Sun, 2015-01-25 12:51


Center for the Arts: Art Department

Jan Borre has her degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and has been teaching art classes at the Wilmette Park District for many years.

Kathleen Brej has a degree from the American Academy of Art with an emphasis on drawing and design. She has worked as a graphic illustrator and has done extensive freelance work.

Rick Flintz holds a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Ceramics. He worked as a freelance artist and for a local school district for several years.

Laurie Panucci has a M.A. in elementary education from DePaul University and has been teaching art locally for many years.

Katy Russell learned to knit and crochet as an elementary school student and has become a well-known expert in yarns and technical skills.

Judee Sims has been teaching art and ceramics classes for the Wilmette Park District for many years.

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