Center for the Arts: Art Department

Jan Borre has her degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and has been teaching art classes at the Wilmette Park District for many years.

Kathleen Brej has a degree from the American Academy of Art with an emphasis on drawing and design. She has worked as a graphic illustrator and has done extensive freelance work.

Rick Flintz holds a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Ceramics. He worked as a freelance artist and for a local school district for several years.

Laurie Panucci has a M.A. in elementary education from DePaul University and has been teaching art locally for many years.

Katy Russell learned to knit and crochet as an elementary school student and has become a well-known expert in yarns and technical skills.

Judee Sims has been teaching art and ceramics classes for the Wilmette Park District for many years.

Jenifer Thoem has been sculpting in clay and teaching for over 20 years. A native Georgian, she received a BFA in Ceramics from Georgia Southern University. She previously owned and operated The Creative Foundry, a ceramics production/teaching studio in Wilmette. Jenifer's whimsical clay and found object sculptures can be found in many private collections around the United States.

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