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Artistic Director of Dance
Valerie Lober
Tel: 847-920-3930
E-mail: vlober@wilpark.org

Dance Department Staff
Mackenzie King, Valerie Lober, Kirsten Markham, Lia Nelson

Required Dance Attire
The attire indicated below are required so instructors may properly observe and teach muscular movement. For all classes, hair must be up and off the neck in a ponytail or bun. Unacceptable attire includes jeans, ripped clothing (including tights), sweatpants, crop or half tops showing the midriff, and jewelry.
            Girls Attire:

Tiny, Princess, Pre Ballet, Dance and Gym, Dance and Theater, Lunch and Dance: leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes. Skirts or tutus optional.

Ballet and Pointe Prep classes: solid color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes. Dancers age 9 and higher may also wear black dance shorts-no other cover ups.

Pre Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Tap classes: leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Skirts, tutus, or black dance shorts optional.
Tap and Jazz classes ages 7 and higher: leotard, tights, tan slip on tap or jazz shoes. Skirts or dance shorts optional.
All Hip Hop classes: comfortable clothing (no jeans), black sneakers
Lyrical: leotard and dance shorts, convertible tights, no shoes
Boys attire:
Clean, fitted tee shirt, athletic shorts or pants, black leather ballet shoes (ballet), black tie tap shoes (tap), black slip on jazz shoes (jazz), black sneakers (hip hop).
For dance class supplies, contact Allegro Dance Boutique in Evanston.

A Message to Parents: Age, Attire and Attendance Requirements

The Dance Department strives to provide high quality training for dancers of all ages and experience levels. To maintain the integrity of the classes, we ask that parents do not request age overrides. All requirements, both attire, attendance and age, are set to benefit the children and make instruction more consistent for the program leaders. In some instances, the requirements have been set for the child's safety.

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