June 22, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer 2020

How do I reserve an Adult Lap Swim time- slot?

How many people will be allowed to swim during each Adult Lap Swim time slot?


  • At this time, we are allowing 2 people per lane in the 50-meter pool. The 8 lanes are numbered 1-16, and each person will be assigned a spot. 1-8 will enter the pool from the south, and 9-16 will enter the pool to the north.

Will staff be present to monitor and enforce lap swim etiquette?

  • We will have a cashier and a head guard at the facility to monitor the entrance and exit, and ensure that swimmers are following proper etiquette.

 I purchased a Pool Pass (or combined Beach & Pool Pass), will I receive a refund?

  • Yes, if you purchased any form of 2020 Summer pool Pass, you will receive a refund on your original form of payment.

My child is under the age limit for a Learn to Swim 2.0 class, can we register anyway?

  • At this time, you will need to enroll in the age-appropriate swim lesson. Only the main and diving pools are open, so all lessons will be in the main pool. Due to safety reasons, we are not waiving the age requirement at this time.

Click here for information on Adult Lap Swim

Click here for information on Learn to Swim 2.0 lessons