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Park District Fact Sheet


Top 10 things you will be glad we told you

  1. Residents enjoy PRIORITY REGISTRATION when signing up for classes. You may register Online, via Fax, Mail or Drop-off. 
  1. There is an Early Bird Discount for SEASON PASSES at Centennial Family Aquatic Center and the Wilmette Beaches. These typically go on sale in March. After April 30 full price applies.
  1. Plan to purchase a LAKEFRONT PARKING DECAL. These usually go on sale in March and allow you to park at the Lakefront during peak summer times for no extra charge. Without one you must purchase a daily parking permit in the summer or risk being ticketed.
  1. The FIREWORKS are held at Gillson Park on July 3. A family fest with games and food from local vendors are also set up in the park on July 3. Pace runs shuttle bus service to and from the Lakefront for this event. There is also a FUN RUN/WALK event for adults and children in Gillson Park on July 3.
  1. The Early Childhood Center has a deadline for PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION. Resident Registration for 2010-2011 Preschool begins at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1. Non-resident registration begins at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 8. There is also a deadline for the KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT REGISTRATION – that is usually in May for the next school year. Sign-up for AFTER SCHOOL RECREATION (Grades K-6) begins in March for the next school year.
  1. The deadline for SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION is in January.
  1. The MESKILL CENTER coordinates social and recreation programs for ACTIVE ADULTS OVER THE AGE OF 50. The Meskill Center is located adjacent to Mallinckrodt Park at the Mallinckrodt Center, 1041A Ridge Road. Call 847-256-9623 with questions.
  1. Yes, we have a DOG BEACH. It is located at the south end of Gillson Park near the Wilmette Harbor. As a resident, a Dog Beach Permit for your furry friend will cost you $25 for the first dog and $5 for each additional. Tags must be renewed annually.
  1. The following sports are popular with Wilmette families and have special registration deadlines:
    1. FALL SOCCER (Grades K-8), deadline is usually in May.
    2. SPRING SOCCER(Grades K-8), deadline is usually in February.
    3. SUNDAY BASKETBALL Leagues (Grades 1-3), deadline is usually in December.
    4. SATURDAY BASKETBALL Leagues (Grades 4-8), deadline is usually in October.
    5. GIRLS’ SPRING SOFTBALL Leagues (Grades 3-8), deadline is usually in January .
  2. Special use lotteries are conducted for the following:
    1. A SAILING lottery for reserved boat storage spaces takes place in March.
    2. The WILMETTE GOLF CLUB  lottery for season reserved start times (April-September) is held in March.
    3. The WILMETTE TENNIS CLUB lottery for standing reserved court times (September-May) is held in April.

Questions? Call us at 847-256-6100. 

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