Circuit Training

The Center Circuit is a circuit-style workout which includes hydraulic resistance equipment.  Hydraulic resistance utilizes fluid filled cylinders to provide resistance, as opposed to traditional machines using adjustable weight stacks. The Center Circuit will continue to include exercise bands, free weights and more.

What is a Hydraulic Circuit Workout?
This unique exercise combines strength training and cardio to work your entire body, creating an effective fitness and weight management tool. It includes a set of exercises balancing upper and lower body, as well as cardio. Movements are performed in sequence with little or no rest between 30-45 second interval stations. Some circuits involve short bursts of cardiovascular activity while others focus on resistance training. 

There are various benefits associated with performing hydraulic circuit training.

  • Equipment requires little to no adjustments, making it easy to move from station to station.
  • Increase your strength, endurance, aerobic fitness, joint mobility and bone density. 
  • It is fun and efficient
  • This method has been proven to slow physical decline and offer a well-rounded, total body workout.
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