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Located in the Community Recreation Center
3000 Glenview Road

Supervisor and Head Gymnastics Coach: Mike Kharpak
Head Boys' Team Coach: Rick Nixon
Girls' Team Coaches: Mike Kharpak, Kathy Nitch and Sara Gonzalez.
Gymnastics Instructors: Judith Tedeschi, Laura Krohm, Larene O’Connell, Karen Ott, Kelly Purdy, Shelley Scholl, Holly Miller, Jennifer Pistorious, Tom Malewicke and Meghann O'Connell.

     The Wilmette Park District has a 10,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art gymnasium--one of the finest gymnastics facilities in Illinois. In addition to the standard Olympic events for men and women, the gymnastics program features an enlarged pit area and two in-ground trampolines that allow beginning through advanced students to train in the safest possible manner.
     The gym also features a padded and carpeted area for preschool children ages 1 to 5 years. Located near the pit and trampolines, this area is filled with colorful octagons and pie-shaped mats for play. The gym has a glass-enclosed viewing and changing area so parents and friends can easily see the children during class.

     What's in a gymnastics class? In addition to training on various pieces of equipment, all classes will include:

  • Flexibility and stretching exercises
  • A tumbling segment
  • A trampoline segment
  • Pit training
  • Conditioning exercises

     All children are encouraged to try each activity and to progress at their own individual pace.

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