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Moms/Dads/Tots Gymnastics

Moms and/or Dads, with the help of instructors, assist children in the development of physical skills including flexibility, body awareness and strength. Tots must have reached the walking stage before enrollment.

Age 1-2

The Wilmette Park District's gymnastics staff emphasizes self-confidence rather than competition. Tots are encouraged to develop new physical skills while gaining strength, flexibility and muscular coordination. Students should wear shorts or warm-ups to class.All children will be grouped according to age and ability.

Age 3 & Age 4-6 including K

(Children must be 4 years old at the start of the program. Kindergarten age children should enroll in these classes.)

Recreational Gymnastics

The Gymnastics staff teaches fundamental gymnastics for all Olympic events. Students progress at their own pace and are grouped according to age and ability.

Girls Grade 1-2; Grade 3-4 & Grade 5-8
Boys Grade 1-2 & Boys Grade 3-8
Advanced Girls' Gymnastics

Permission required from gymnastics staff before registration
These classes are for serious students who want to compete on a gymnastics squad. Workouts are run in the same manner as practice sessions for the Aerials, the Wilmette Park District's gymnastics team.

Team Gymnastics

The Wilmette Park District boasts one of the finest gymnastic team programs in the state, having produced many state- and national-level gymnasts over the years. The Wilmette Gymnastics Team competes in USA Gymnastics competitions across Illinois. Many top local high school gymnasts also train at Wilmette. Call Girls' Coach Mike Kharpak at 847/256-9695 or Boys' Coach Rick Nixon at 847/256-9621 for more information.

A Message to Parents About Age Requirements and Siblings:

For all programs, age requirements will be as of the date of the first class, unless otherwise specified. Please do not request to have your child put in a class he/she does not belong in. All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make instruction more consistent for the program leaders. In some instances, the requirements have been set for the child's safety. Due to insurance regulations, siblings may not be on the floor during class. We invite the children to sit at our “Table of Champions” where we have magazines, crayons and coloring books for them to enjoy. Thank you for your cooperation.

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