October 13, 2014
6:30 p.m. - Village Hall Training Room

Attendees Present

Commissioners/Committee: Chair Shelley Shelly, Amy Wolfe, Bryan Abbott
Commissioners: Benz
Staff: Jeff Bowen, Steve Wilson, Ken Eppelheimer, Sean Flynn, Cindy Felicicchia, Bill Lambrecht, Darrell Smith, Ania Kazakevich, Brian Udany

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting  Called to Order

Commissioner Shelly called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Commissioner Shelly moved and Commissioner Wolfe seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the September 8, 2014 committee meeting. All approved by general consent.

III. Communications and Correspondence

Commissioner Shelly acknowledged an email from Brian Leydon regarding balls for paddle matches. Ania Kazakevich stated the District gives two new balls per court per match. She stated Mr. Leydon was not happy with that. He would like to get a case of balls, which is twenty-one sleeves, three balls per sleeve. Commissioner Shelly stated the District is being generous giving him what we give now. Commissioner Shelly stated to reach out to him and let him know that last year was a usual year due to opening year. Also, let him know throughout the entire leagues, there is usually one, maybe two balls given per match. Superintendent Bowen stated he would reach out to Mr. Leydon with committee’s recommendation.

IV. Recognition of Visitors


V. Proposed FY 2015 Facility Budget Review

Superintendent Bowen stated that the budgets were prepared by looking at all the recommended fees that were set by the Financial Planning & Policy Committee.

Superintendent Bowen reported on the following:

A. Pool

  • The committee recapped the error that was made with the pricing of pool memberships being lower than the District intended them to be. Staff is recommending that they go up to what they were approved to be in 2014 for 2015. Commissioner Shelly stated that going forward, if any errors are made to bring to the full Board.
  • The staff we will be recommending a 10% increase in resident fees for memberships for next year. Commissioner Shelly stated she agrees with raising the resident fees. Superintendent Bowen stated the District has seen a shift in more residents than non-residents and with that the District will have to gradually get more out of the residents. Commissioner Shelly and Commissioner Wolfe like the idea of the pool becoming more of a community pool with the residents.
  • In regards to revenue the District is anticipating an 18% increase over what the District projected to do in 2014. The District expects to know more with a normal weather year with daily revenues and an increase in the normal membership levels. The District was down a considerable amount this year due to the weather. Even with the lower pricing we were still down from last year.
  • On the expense side you will see a 7.1% increase. The biggest area of increase is utilities which is 50% plus. This is because the District received an unexpected $27,000 water bill from the Village. Superintendent Bowen stated that the District will be budgeting for a more normal situation with the water bill. The District expects to have a surplus of $90,463 at the end of next year.
  • Commissioner Wolfe questioned the 12% increase in miscellaneous revenue for concessions fees; which includes pop vendors. Superintendent Bowen stated that the District is anticipating warmer weather next year and higher revenue.
  • Commissioner Shelly questioned retail sales under revenue. Superintendent Bowen stated that we are anticipating an increase in sales; swim diapers, googles, etc. with warmer weather sales.
  • Superintendent Bowen discussed capital expenditures with committee. He stated that heaters need to be replaced because they are originals and failing.

A. Ice

  • The District is not recommending raising the main rink rental time which is currently $360.00.
  • There are some added costs that were not anticipated with water treatment and the maintenance agreement within the first year. These treatments help to prevent scaling.
  • Commissioner Wolfe questioned why an anticipated increase of 25.8% in repairs under expenses when a lot of work has been done already. Superintendent Bowen will review and get back to Committee on more specific details.
  • Superintendent Bowen discussed capital expenditures with committee.

B. Tennis

  • In revenue under miscellaneous there is an additional $94,500 which is from a transfer that wasn’t made last year. This should have been reflected in 2013 but was not. This is also for insurance reimbursements for business interruptions. This $94,500 will skew things somewhat. So overall it will be a proposed .9% decrease because of this figure.
  • Salaries and operating expenses are going up 3.2%. The District is looking at a surplus at the end of the year of $113,722.
  • This is a first time in many years where the District has seen an increase in permanent court time sales.
  • Superintendent Bowen discussed capital expenditures with committee.

C. Paddle

  • The committee did not get a fee schedule because fees were set in June and they will be discussed in June of 2015.
  • There are currently 184 members and the District had budgeted for 190 for this fall. We are budgeting for 210 members in 2015.
  • The District is projecting an increase in revenue of 13.4%.
  • Expenses are at 16%. The majority of that is for supplies because we did not have to purchase any paddle balls.
  • Utility increases are anticipated for using more gas with more teams.
  • The District is anticipating a year end surplus of $20,000 this year and $1,784 next year. This number could possibly change as we get closer to the year end in June.
  • Committee suggested having some logo wear gear and other things to sell at paddle. Ania Kazakevich will look into this.

VI. Unfinished Business

A. Drop off Age for Pool Policy update
Brian Udany commented on the District’s policy which is at age 7 one could come to the pool with a 13 year old. He recommends the District changing the policy to reflect a 10 year old being watched by a 16 year old. Committee agreed to make this change in the policy. 

VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.