Facilities Operations Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 13, 2015
6:30 p.m. - Village Hall Training Room

Attendees Present

Commissioners/Committee: Chair Shelley Shelly, Amy Wolfe, Bryan Abbott, Superintendent Bowen, Director Wilson, Superintendent Ken Eppelheimer, Darrell Smith, Sean Flynn, Brian Udany, Cindy Felicicchia

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting  Called to Order

Commissioner Shelly called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Wolfe seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2015 Committee meeting. All approved by general consent.

III. Communications and Correspondence

A. Email from Janet Steffen re: Pool Schedule
Commissioner Shelly acknowledged an email from Janet Steffen regarding the summer swim pool schedule. The Committee agreed to not make any changes this year since the current schedule has only been in place for two years.

B. Email from Pat Leydon re: Good Season and Paddle Balls
Commissioner Shelly acknowledged an email from Pat Leydon and recognized him as a visitor.

IV. Recognition of Visitors

Attendance Record attached.

Kathleen O’Laughlin, 341 Greenleaf, Wilmette, stated she is a member of the Evanston North Shore Masters swim team but she is not representing them today. The team has been a tenant of Centennial for quite some time. The team members were disappointment that they have been priced out of Centennial this year due to the price increase. She has been comparing other Illinois master swim teams to see what the rates are for these independent teams. She stated that they all charge substantially less. The cost differential seems to be with lifeguards. She feels they do not need or have lifeguards at Evanston High School.

Superintendent Bowen stated that a number of years ago lifeguards were not provided but a wavier was signed. The District risk management organization, PDRMA recommended having lifeguards whenever the facility is open. This is the cost increase due to the lifeguards. Kathleen O’Laughlin would like to get the data on the District’s cost breakdown. Superintendent Bowen will get her the information. Commissioner Shelly stated that Staff and the Committee will take a closer look at the numbers to see where the District stands and Superintendent Bowen will report back to Kathleen O’Laughlin.

Pat Leydon, a Chicago resident and a 2nd year paddle player, commented on the paddle balls and would like to see the match balls eliminated when signing up. The Committee agreed to discuss this later in the meeting during New Business. He thanked Darrell Smith for his help in organizing and hosting the Paddle Nationals. He commented on the courts and possible options for open court times on the weekends. Ania Kazakevich discussed the schedule and how it works. He feels that courts are not being played on but that have been booked. Commissioner Shelly stated that Staff will continue to monitor the courts and people not showing up for their scheduled court time. She thanked Mr. Leydon for his feedback. 

V. Managers’ Reports

A. Tennis Manager Darrell Smith reported on the following topics:

  • The lottery deadline for the 2015-16 court time application is today, April 13th. There are 170 applications thus far. The numbers have been going up for the past several years.
  • The court back drops are in need of replacing and will be done this evening. The back drops usually last about 10 years.
  • Summer camp registration is going well and filling up or selling out.

B. Pool/Risk Manager Brian Udany reported on the following topics:

  • Interviews are continuing and Staff is getting ready for the season.
  • Pools will be filled the 1st week in May.
  • West Park maintenance is working on pre-season set up.
  • Training will be taking place in May into early June.
  • Pools open Memorial Day weekend.
  • Additional certifications are required for Model Aquatic Health Code. Staff is working on this process. 
  • Early bird registration for pool and beach goes through the end of April.

C. Ice Manager Sean Flynn reported on the following topics:

  • Winter Learn to Skate session ends Saturday. There were 802 participants compared to 811 last year.
  • The spring session begins April 20th.
  • A new program is in place called Team Wilmette. There are currently 15 skaters enrolled. All ages are welcome. They will all have a chance to compete in the ISI World Recreational Team Championships.
  • Open Hockey sessions are running through May. 
  • Staff is getting ready for the ice show. Tickets go on sale April 20th.
  • Early voting for the election was held at Centennial with over 2,000 people that showed up to vote.
  • The Go Green Wilmette recycling program held on April 12th for any ice rink liners went well. 

D. Paddle Tennis Superintendent Bowen reported on the following topics:

  • 2015-16 Proposed Fee Scheduled - The Committee discussed the revised spreadsheet that was handed out on the 2015-16 Proposed Fee Schedule which proposes an increase in membership fees by $30 for resident and non-resident. The Committee agreed with the increase. Superintendent Bowen stated that due to not having enough spending history on paddle that next year will give us a better idea moving forward.
  • Paddle Balls – Superintendent Bowen and Ania Kazakevich proposed for next season to give the Captains of the leagues a discount period in fall and spring of 10% to purchase paddle balls. This change will make it easier on the teams and District. The captains of the teams will be the keeper of the balls.
  • Commissioner Shelly asked about competitive leagues. Ania said she is working on recruiting more teams.
  • Ania proposed to change the membership purchasing date to August instead of September. The Committee did not see a problem.

VI. Unfinished Business

Commissioner Shelly asked for an update on Krave concessions. Superintendent Bowen stated he discussed the issues that were raised with Krave. Owner stated she would address this situation. Staff will be monitoring very closely for any changes. Sean Flynn stated he has not heard of any new complaints.

VII. New Business


VIII. Adjournment

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:29 p.m.