Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 20, 2015
6:30 p.m. – Village Hall Training Room

Attendees Present

Commissioners/Committee: Chair Amy Wolfe, Shelley Shelly, James Brault
Staff:  Bill Lambrecht, Kathy Bingham

Commissioners: James Crowley, Gary Benz
Staff: Ken Eppelheimer, Jeff Bowen, Carol Heafey, Jeff Groves, Cindy Felicicchia, Holly Specht

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting Called to Order

Meeting called to order 6:29 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Committee approved minutes for the February 16, 2015; by general consent.

III. Communication and Correspondence

A. Commissioner Wolfe acknowledged an email from Dennis and Diane Roberts regarding honoring grandkid rates for Park District programs. Superintendent Bingham stated that we have not traditionally honored these requests. The Committee agreed to have the policy stand as is. Superintendent Bingham will reach out to Dennis and Diane Roberts regarding the District’s policy.

IV. Recognition of Visitors

Attendance Record attached.

Jen Truszkowski, 1746 Washington Avenue, Wilmette, commented on her park permit request for a band at Howard Park. Three families have come together and would like to get the park permit request approved to have a band play at Howard Park which backs up to these families’ homes. She also requested getting approval for a food truck and port-a-potties. The Committee and Staff suggested handing out a flyer to let the neighbors know what will be going on August 8th and invite them to stop by. Staff suggested notifying the police of their request. A picture of the layout of the park and homes was given to the Committee to discuss band set up. Commissioner Brault asked about clean up. Ms. Truszkowski stated it will be taken care of by the family. Superintendent Bingham asked Ms. Truszkowksi to get event insurance and name the Park District as an additional insured.

The Committee agreed to grant the permission of this permit with the restrictions of having the event from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. with the music stopping at 9 p.m.

V. New Business

A. Park Permit Requests:
• Kick It For Cancer – Avoca Playfields on June 12th.

By voice vote, voting Yes: All; voting No: None. Motion carried.

• Goals for Girls – Community Playfields on June 14th.

By voice vote, voting Yes: All; voting No: None. Motion carried.

• Jen Truszkowski – Howard Park on August 8th.

By voice vote, voting Yes: All; voting No: None. Motion carried.

Commissioner Shelly asked about the many different park permit requests coming in and how the District is handling them. She commented on the possibility of charging a usage fee in the future. Superintendent Bingham stated that we are currently charging a nominal fee on events that have more than 100 people. Commissioner Shelly asked if we always cover the costs on events. Superintendent Bingham stated that it depends on the size of the event and if we have to provide additional staff. She stated that sometimes it does not cover all the cost. Commissioner Wolfe asked what other districts are doing. Superintendent Bingham stated that Staff is currently evaluating what other park districts and villages policies are with park permits. The Committee asked Staff to get some recommendations together to be evaluated.

VI. Manager Reports

Carol Heafey (Program Manager) reported on the following topics:

  • Spring sessions are in full swing with 2,245 in classes. Enrollment is up 42 participants from last year. There are an additional 434 in the after school clubs McKenzie, Romona and Central.
  • Staff is getting ready for camps. There are 2,965 enrolled thus far which is up over 200 from last year.
  • The new process for auto debit for final billing on camps went smoothly.
  • Staff is in the process of making all of the camp forms fillable and on-line. This will allow patrons to only have one form to fill out.
  • Aladdin opened last weekend with four performances and 882 tickets sold to date.
  • The Wallace Bowl show will be Once Upon a Mattress. 30 people have auditioned for this production. 
  • The adult show in the fall will be Oliver.
  • There were 83 participants for Family Fine Arts Day.
  • There are 1,275 registered for Soccer.
  • Open House for Kindergarten Enrichment will be held on April 29th. Registration starts on May 13th.
  • The Kindness Connection event will be held on April 24th. This event is a “give back on your day off” program, which is a day for completing service projects benefiting six charitable causes.
  • Staff is working on fall pullover and revamping some classes.
  • Staff is preparing for many upcoming special events.

Jeff Groves (Facility Manager) reported on the following topics:

  • The Fitness Center currently has 1,789 members. During the Fitness Center’s annual cleaning shutdown in August will consist of the installation on the new strength training and free weight equipment. The Staff will have some of the new equipment set up for patrons to try before it is installed.
  • Camp Fusion is set up and ready to go. There are 76 participants in Session I and 55 participants in Session II. This camp is held at Mallinckrodt.
  • There are 650 members and 30 different activities set up each week at Mallinckrodt for Active Adults 50+. There are eight rentals lined up this month.
  • In Gymnastics there were 1,518 enrolled in the spring session and 275 participants enrolled in the spring break week. The gymnastics area will be renovated June 9th through June 12th there are no scheduled classes that week.

VII. Unfinished Business

A. West Park Storage Tank/Athletic Field Project Update

Superintendent Lambrecht reported construction is slightly ahead of schedule. The staff will start the bid process for the artificial turf this month.

VIII. Adjournment

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at
7:06 p.m.