Financial Planning & Policy Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 26, 2015
6:30 p.m. – Village Hall Training Room

Attendees Present

Committee/Commissioners: Chair Abbott, Pellaton, Anderson
Staff: Superintendent Eppelheimer

Director Wilson
Superintendents: Lambrecht, Bingham, Bowen
Staff: Holloway, Rodas, Felicicchia

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting Called to Order

Meeting called to order 6:40 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Commissioner Pellaton moved and Commissioner Abbott seconded a motion to approve the minutes of August 24, 2015 Financial Planning & Policy Committee meeting. All voted yes, the motion carried.

III. Communication and Correspondence

Commissioner Abbott acknowledged a letter from Rita Raggi that was received after the Agenda was prepared requesting resident fees for non-resident Wilmette business owners.

IV. Unfinished Business

A. Fixed Asset Inventory

Steve Holloway updated the Committee on the fixed asset inventory. At the request of our external auditors, a physical inventory was taken on October 6th by AssetWorks. Items were reviewed in each facility that met the capitalized policy guidelines. These guidelines were revised back in 2012 for items valued at $5,000 or more. A full report will be sent to the District within 90 days and Staff will report back to the Committee. Superintendent Eppelheimer stated that this information is used in financial statements and for insurance purposes. Commissioner Abbot asked about an annual inventory, Director Wilson stated that inventories will now happen in five year intervals.

V. Recognition of Visitors

Commissioner Abbott acknowledged several students from Loyola Academy her to observe the meeting for their political science class.

Commissioner Abbott acknowledged Rita Raggi and asked her if she would like to speak to the Committee. Ms. Raggi commented that she has been a business owner in Wilmette with two properties. Commissioner Abbott acknowledged Ms. Raggi’s argument of paying non-resident fees but found it hard on where to draw the line. Commissioner Pellaton asked Ms. Raggi to come to a meeting that Commissioner Shelly may attend to discuss this further. Commissioner Abbott requested Staff to see if they can come up with a workable plan and present it to the Committee.

VI. New Business

A. PTAB Blanket Resolution – 2015-R-9

Superintendent Eppelheimer reported that the Park District is served with property tax assessment board (PTAB) appeals through the Cook County Board of Appeals. These are reviewed by the consortium’s attorney Robbins Schwartz when the appeal is in excess of $100,000 in assessed value. If a challenge is warranted, the consortium of public entities works together during the challenge to defray attorney fees. The refunds from the Park District can be several hundred to several thousand dollars out of future tax collections. The Committee discussed and agreed to review every 3 years the law firm and if the blanket resolution should be extended.

Commissioner Pellaton moved and Commissioner Abbott seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2015-R-9 with an amendment that the blanket PTAB Resolution be reviewed and approved by the full Board every 36 months in regards to the process of selecting the law firm and intervene; all agreed.

B. 3rd Quarter Financial Results

Superintendent Eppelheimer presented and discussed with the Committee the results. He stated it is anticipated that the District will end the year with a surplus of about $800,000 due to projects put on hold and the field turf project at West Park. The Board previously approved a debt issuance in February to refinance $620,000 of referendum debt.  There was no action required by the Committee at this time.

C. 2015 Tax Levy Approach and Resolution 2015-R-11

Superintendent Eppelheimer reviewed and discussed with the Committee the Tax Levy Resolution 2015-R-11. Superintendent Eppelheimer commented that the Tax Levy must be filed with Cook County by the last Tuesday in December. The Tax Levy is generally considered and passed at the  December Board meeting. The Resolution, calling for a Tax Levy Hearing, is scheduled for Board action in November. The recommended amount for 2015 tax capped funds is $4,393,740, or an increase of 0.80%. The Truth-In-Taxation increase is 1.16%. The total tax levy, with bond and interest, will decrease by 8.52%.

Commissioner Pellaton moved and Commissioner Abbott seconded to recommend that Resolution 2015-R-11 be approved by the full Board; all agreed.

D. Proposed Fiscal Year 2016 Administration Budget

Superintendent Eppelheimer reported and discussed the Administration budget which accounts for Administration, Finance, Communications revenue and expenses, as well as all the special funds. The packet represents what the District’s projections are for each of the funds, as well as the expenses for next year. He stated that on page one is a budget review statement within the umbrella of Administration. The Capital Reimbursement line includes funding for the Gillson Park Migratory Bird Habitat. The Committee discussed line items in further detail during the meeting to get an explanation and approved the budget to be included for discussion at the Annual Budget Meeting on December 9th.

VII. Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for November 23, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

VIII. Adjournment

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.