Golf Operations Committee Meeting Minutes
8:30 a.m. - Saturday, March 12, 2016
Golf Course Clubhouse

Attendees Present

Commissioners: Shelley Shelly Chair, Stephanie Foster, Gordon Anderson
Staff: Jeff Bowen, Ken Eppelheimer, Adam Kwiatkoski, Nick Marfise, Marlon Rodas
Attendees Absent

I. Meeting Called to Order

Meeting called to order at 8:30 a.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Foster moved and Commissioner Anderson seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the January 16, 2016 Golf Committee meeting. All approved by general consent.

III. Communications and Correspondence

Commissioner Shelly thanked Frank Charhut for his email regarding the golf course having the best architecture. 

IV. Recognition of Visitors


V. Managers’ Reports

Adam Kwiatkoski (Golf General Manager) reported on the following:

  • The golf tee-time lottery was held on March 8th. Forty-five foursomes registered and paid. The Committee discussed how numbers are down for tee-times across all golf courses. Adam pointed out that it has become less of a trend to schedule these due to the time commitment. Some places are not offering permanent tee-time slots at all. The District’s numbers look good in comparison with the surrounding areas.
  • The warmer weather has helped with the growing of the grass. The condition of the golf course is good.
  • April 14th and 15th there is a Midwest Junior Golf event scheduled.
  • CDGA event will be held with 90 players in attendance.

Nick Marfise (Golf Course Superintendent) reported on the following:

  • The golf range has been opened and one of the putting greens is open.
  • The golf course greens were discussed and how the winter weather has affected it. The course is coming along fine.
  • The cross country ski tracks and how it affected the course is too early to report if any damage was done. Staff is monitoring these areas.
  • Staff has been working on the aesthetic appeal/color scheme to the golf course as far as signage, tee markers, garbage cans, etc.

VI. Unfinished Business

A. Golf Marketing Plan Update

Adam reported on what is in process in regards to the marketing plan. There will be posters and different marketing strategies to notify the community about the women’s golf programs being offered. The Committee discussed the different programs being offered. 

Adam reported that when the golf course opens there will be a sign posted on Lake Avenue along with other means of communication. Commissioner Shelly asked about the possibility of doing promotions at soccer Saturdays and the junior high. Superintendent Bowen commented that Staff has contacted the junior high and information will be going out in the virtual backpacks. Staff is looking at putting signs out on soccer Saturdays for promotional ideas.

Adam commented on social media marketing that is going on. Marlon is continuing to look into Movie Theater ads. Print ads and other publication are in process. Golf information is updated with IAPD golf guide.

VII. New Business

A. Bid Recommendation for the Reel Grinder

Superintendent Bowen stated that the District received one bid from Reinders for the reel grinder for golf. The Committee discussed the reel grinder and how it works with the golf course. Commissioner Anderson commented that with all the other golf courses struggling there should be opportunities for refurbished equipment. He would like Staff to research this option when purchasing equipment. He commented that with only one bid he feels it should be sent back. Superintendent Bowen will consider this moving forward.

Nick stated that the three companies on the market for the reel grinder were all looked at. Staff felt that this grinder after looking at it very closely was the best decision for the District. He is not sure why no one else bid on this. Commissioner Anderson commented that it is one thing to publish a bid in the paper and another to go out and make sure you get some competitive bids. He feels that Staff should call businesses and let them know that the District has a bid coming out. The Committee discussed tabling this bid until next month. Superintendent Bowen stated that it will affect the business this year because the machine is needed. Superintendent Eppelheimer commented that the bid process will have to start completely over which could take time. He explained how the bid process works with the District. Commissioner Foster commented that this process should be looked at and become part of the Board’s goals. Commissioner Foster does not see a reason to hold this bid up since the $40,000 was approved in the budget. Commissioner Shelly and Commissioner Foster agreed to approve the bid but moving forward bids needs to be researched further to get more bids.

Commissioner Shelly moved and Commissioner Foster seconded a motion to approve the bid recommendation from Reinders for the reel grinder. Voting, No: Commissioner Anderson. Absent: None; motion carried. 

VIII. Adjournment

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.