Facilities Operations Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 14, 2016
6:30 p.m. – Park District Administrative Office

Attendees Present

Committee/Commissioners: Chair: Ryrie Pellaton, Amy Wolfe, Shelley Shelly
Superintendent Bowen

Staff: Darrell Smith, Brian Udany, Cindy Felicicchia, Superintendent Lambrecht
Commissioner Abbott

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting  Called to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:31 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Commissioner Shelly moved and Commissioner Wolfe seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the February 8, 2016 Facilities Operations Committee meeting. All voted yes, the motion carried.

III. Communications and Correspondence

A. Email from Phil Dodson re:  Evanston Masters Proposal
Commissioner Pellaton acknowledged that the email proposal was received late on Friday and Staff will need time to review the proposal in greater detail.

IV. Recognition of Visitors

Kathleen O’Laughlin, Evanston NorthShore Swim Team
Phil Dodson, Evanston NorthShore Swim Team

Commissioner Pellaton acknowledged Kathleen O’Laughlin and Phil Dodson. Superintendent Bowen commented on the proposal stating that Staff will be looking into the labor costs on top of what was in the proposal. The Committee discussed the labor costs and how many staff would be needed to run portions of the program and taking into consideration the legal requirements. Superintendent Bowen asked how the organizational portions of the program will be run. The Committee stated that Staff will arrange a meeting as soon as possible with Evanston NorthShore and work together to come up with a working arrangement.

V. Managers’ Reports

A. Tennis, Darrell Smith reported on the following topics:

  • Court time lottery application deadline is April 11th. The selection process will be held on April 23rd where you can pick your court time for next year.
  • Tennis will take a break from classes due to spring break the week of March 21st through March 27th.
  • March yearly pro shop sale is currently going on.
  • Staff is busy assembling the summer camp staff.
  • Pirate camp sold out within 2 hours and 150 are on the waitlist.

B. Paddle, Darrell Smith reported on the following topics:

  • A new spring program is in place. The registration was March 8th. This program will run for the next two months.
  • There is a new program for 18 and over in-house league.
  • There were 34 hut rentals this season compared to 22 last year.
  • On Friday, March 11th there was an adult mixer held.
  • 14 out of the 17 men’s leagues made it to the playoffs.

Commissioner Shelly asked about the lack of parking space at paddle. Superintendent Lambrecht stated that the District is working with the Village during their time of redoing West Park Drive to add more spaces. 

Commissioner Wolfe asked Staff if they could get more low chairs at the paddle hut. Superintendent Bowen will discuss this with Staff.

Commissioner Shelly commented that the men’s paddle teams are concerned that the league may change the league rules and may reduce the number of teams our club will be able to have in the future.  The issue driving this topic is that some facilities have too many teams to have an equal amount of home matches as away matches. Therefore some matches are then scheduled to be played at neutral sites, causing the neutral site to incur the expense of food and drink for the match. If these rules were to go into effect, it would result in a loss of teams, and possibly members, and therefore be a loss to our club financially.

C. Pool, Brian Udany reported on the following topics:

  • Interviews are ongoing.
  • If the weather stays warmer more people will be buying memberships early.
  • Promotional marketing will be going out to community.
  • Pool passes can be purchased at any facility.

D. Superintendent Bowen (Ice Manager, Sean Flynn at a Conference) reported on the following topics:

  • Public skate numbers in February were 1,962 patrons compared to 2,202 last year.
  • Winter Learn to Skate program has 751 enrolled compared to 800 last year.
  • The Ice Show tickets go on sale April 18th.
  • Promotional marketing ideas are underway.
  • Open hockey will resume on March 8th and goes through the summer.
  • Wilmette Hockey finished their season with the Wolves Cup.
  • Spring hockey began March 8th.
  • There was a power outage and leak repair that affected a few classes.

VI. Unfinished Business

A. Evanston Masters Swim Team Proposal Update

This was addressed under Recognition of Visitors.

B. Security Cameras at Centennial

Commissioner Wolfe asked about the status of the security cameras at Centennial. Superintendent Bowen stated that the equipment has been ordered. Staff is working on a schedule with maintenance for installation. The Committee discussed how the cameras work with a live feed you view through the computer. Superintendent Bowen commented that the sound and cameras will cost more than budgeted to do both. The Committee thought that the security system would benefit the District more at this time operationally. The Committee discussed the sound options. The cost to design the sound system is $30,000. The Committee would like Staff to shop around for sound options.

VII. New Business

A. Bid Recommendation for Replacement of 2 Pool Heaters

Commissioner Wolfe moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded a motion to approve the bid recommendation from Design Temperature Corporation for two pool heaters. All voted yes; motion carried.

VIII. Adjournment

There being no further business to discuss the Committee adjourned at 7:12 p.m.