Financial Planning & Policy Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 25, 2016
6:30 p.m. – Village Hall Training Room

Commissioners: Chair Anderson, Abbott

Staff: Executive Director Wilson, Superintendents Eppelheimer, Bingham, Lambrecht, Manager Holloway
Committee Members Absent

I. Meeting Called to Order
Meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes
A. Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Anderson seconded a motion to approve the minutes of June 27, 2016 Financial Planning & Policy Committee meeting.  After a correction to item VI. F., all voted yes; motion carried.

III. Communication and Correspondence

IV. Recognition of Visitors

V. Unfinished Business
A. Professional Services Review – Health Insurance Time Line
Superintendent Eppelheimer reviewed the updated time line for health insurance renewal including the processes that were completed since the last meeting.  The Committee received a 10 year history of costs.  The Committee asked for additional information and changes.  The health insurance service proposal was shared with the Committee.  Executive Director Wilson summarized for the Committee conversations he had with the Executive Director Davis of PDRMA and that we should be able to get a summary of about 30 months paid claims to make available to other service providers.  There was additional discussion on costs associated with a change in provider including member pool balances and brokerage commissions.  There was no action needed or taken by the Committee.

VI. New Business
A. 2017 Budget Calendar

Superintendent Eppelheimer reviewed the 2017 budget calendar highlighting key items and dates.  The next Financial Planning & Policy Committee meeting will review the uniform fee and expense increases as well as direction for the 2016 tax levy.  The October Financial Planning & Policy Committee meeting will review the Administration Budget and the 2016 tax levy in preparation for the truth in taxation resolution.  A Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled in November to review the 5 Year Capital Plan and a December Committee of the Whole to review the 2017 Annual Budget.  There was discussion the August 22nd meeting but it will remain on the schedule.  There was no action needed or taken by the Committee.

B. PTAB Settlement Carson Pirie Scott
Superintendent Eppelheimer updated the Committee on the settlement of tax years 2010-2012 with CPS.  The settlement reduced the assessment of the Edens Plaza store from $67 a square foot to $60 a square foot as comparable sales were hard to find.  CPS has wanted a $34 square foot assessment.  The settlement will be applied to future tax payments.  There was no action needed or taken by the Committee.

C. 2nd Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Superintendent Eppelheimer reviewed results through June 30.  The District has adequate funds to cover costs through the summer months.  Beach and pools are showing strong results compared to last summer.  Fees are strong with summer camp registration.  Substantial progress has been made on capital projects with 28 completed.  There was discussion on four new projects that came up and the Committee suggested that in the future these be brought before the Committee before expending.  This will be included in the purchasing policy.  Staff is still managing the expenditures through savings on some projects and reviewing reductions on others.  There was discussion on some variances to 2015 year to date amounts and these will be answered at the next Committee meeting.   There was no action needed or taken by the Committee.

VII. Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for August 22, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

VIII. Adjournment
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.