Lakefront Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
7:00 p.m. – Mallinckrodt Community Center

Attendees Present
Commissioners/Committee: Chair, Ryrie Pellaton, Shelley Shelly, Bryan Abbott
Staff:  Kathy Bingham, Bill Lambrecht

Commissioner: John Olvany
Staff: Director Wilson, Ken Eppelheimer, Holly Specht, Anna Grubisich
Attendees Absent
I. Meeting Called to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes
. Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded a motion to approve the minutes from September 7, 2016; all voted yes, the motion carried.

III. Recognition of Visitors
The Attendance Sheet will become a permanent part of the record.

Sarah Lyke & Dan O’Bara, 819 Michigan, Wilmette –  Ms. Lyke stated that they are in attendance to get a better understanding of how the lakefront beach house design process works and to share their general design ideas.
William Cotter, 831 Michigan Ave., Wilmette – Mr. Cotter expressed that he supports the renovation of the beach house and hopes that it is the same height as the current structure, and not any higher.

Rich Hill, 611 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette –   Mr. Hill is a 33 year resident and frequent user of Gillson Park.  In his opinion the trees are taking over the park and their neglect is impacting open space and blocking the views of the lake. He inquired if the district has a plan for managing foliage in Gillson Park.

Commissioner Pellaton responded that there is no landscape plan specific to Gillson Park.

Director Wilson explained that most tree work is currently completed by staff but that contracted tree service will be included in next year’s budget.  The district does not have a specific policy regarding how often tree trimming takes place.

Commissioner Abbott expressed that he would like to see opening up views of the lake as an agenda item, while Commissioner Pellaton stated that he feels a tree maintenance discussion should be part of a landscape plan.

IV. Communications and Correspondence

V. Unfinished Business
A. Lakefront RFQ

Each Committee member shared their recommendations of the firms they felt should be interviewed based on the proposals that were submitted.  Director Wilson also shared staff’s recommendations.  The Committee then discussed the positive and negatives of each firm and selected five firms to interview.  The firms in alphabetical order are:
• BKV Design Group
• Farr and Associates
• Muller and Muller
• Ratio
• Woodhouse - Tinucci

The Committee agreed that the interviews will take place on one evening, during a public meeting of the Lakefront Committee.  Once a date has been set Superintendent Lambrecht will coordinate the interview schedule.
VI. New Business

VII. Manager’s Report
Holly Specht, Lakefront Manager reported on the following topics:

  • Lakeview rentals are in full swing: 12 in September and 22 in October.
  • Alliance for Great Lakes conducted a beach sweep in September.
  • Midwest Historical Research performed a treasure hunt for lost items.
  • 2 Scout events have been held at the beach.
  • St. Joe held their annual cross country event.
  • Sailing beach is closed. Private boats have been inventoried. There are currently 35 boats without a winter storage contract still on the beach. Owners have been contacted many times and will be assessed late fees.
  • Staff is busy cleaning the sailing area.

VIII. Adjournment
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 8:39 p.m.