Lakefront Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, December 5, 2016
6:30 p.m. – Mallinckrodt Community Center

Attendees Present
Commissioners/Committee: Chair, Ryrie Pellaton, Shelley Shelly, Bryan Abbott
Staff:  Kathy Bingham, Bill Lambrecht

Commissioner: John Olvany 
Staff: Director Wilson, Ken Eppelheimer
Attendees Absent
Holly Specht

I. Meeting Called to Order
Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes
A. Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded a motion to approve the minutes from November 7, 2016; all voted yes, the motion carried.

The minutes were approved with the following change: on Page 1, Agenda Item III, last sentence; to include the rest of the comments made by Sarah Lyke.  Staff will review the minutes and make the corrections. All voted yes; motion carried.

B. Commissioners Abbott stated that he felt the minutes were very brief, but given the nature of the meeting it is appropriate to be brief.  He added that he wants to be sure that his comments tonight are included in the minutes of this meeting.

Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded a motion to approve the minutes from November 18, 2016; all voted yes, the motion carried.

III. Recognition of Visitors
The Attendance Sheet will become a permanent part of the record.

Sarah Lyke & Dan O’Bara, 819 Michigan, Wilmette – Ms. Lyke commented that she and her husband watched the videos of the two finalists and reviewed the original RFQ’s again, looking at several criteria: experience, vision, and creativity.  They have a strong preference from Woodhouse-Tinucci.  Mr. O’Bara echoed his wife’s comments and added that Woodhouse-Tinucci has the relevant experience.

Mary Shea – Ms. Shea concurred with her neighbors and recommends Woodhouse-Tinucci. She expressed that residents want to keep things as natural as possible and urged the Board to resist the temptation to create a regional destination.

Tom Scanlon – Mr. Scanlon asked for clarification on comments made in the November 17 issue of the Wilmette Life regarding the possible expenditure of $450,000 for architectural design work when the design work had originally been completed prior to the referendum.  Commissioner Pellaton stated that the discussion referenced in the article had to do with the budgeting process and added that unless the original design is used, we may need to spend more money.  The $450,000 is a budget amount for what may be the cost of the services in 2017.  Mr. Scanlon also asked for clarification on what the article said about the discussion of doing another lakefront referendum. Commissioner Pellaton explained that the discussion was related to long-term budgeting and that he and President Olvany were of the opinion that the lakefront project could be paid for through a referendum versus using reserves and that it might be a good idea to get public approval from the residents.  The Committee members stressed that this is a subject being discussed as part of the budget process and no decisions have been made.

William Cotter, 831 Michigan, Wilmette, IL – Mr. Cotter stated that he fully supports the comments of his neighbors and feels Woodhouse-Tinucci is the best choice.

IV. Communications and Correspondence

V. Unfinished Business
A. Lakefront Design Team Recommendation

Commissioner Pellaton stated that he has spoken with staff and other board members to get their opinion.  He also asked staff to gather references.  Director Wilson explained that he and Superintendent Lambrecht each spoke with agencies regarding their experiences with both firms.  They also spoke with Dave Olson of W.B. Olson who has worked with Woodhouse-Tinucci.  Mr. Olson gave a positive reference for Woodhouse-Tinucci and suggested that the District should specify Andy Tinucci as the primary contact.  W.B. Olson had no experience with Farr.  No negative comments were received on either firm.

Commissioner Abbott commented that he spoke with a local architect regarding both firms and shared the comments received.    Commissioner Abbott stated that he is  concerned about Farr’s ability to work with seven board members.  He feels that Farr might be more expensive and described them as “flashy”.  He added that he is concerned about bringing an expensive flashy design in to this community. Commissioner Abbott said the most important decision for this type of project is to pick the right architect for the right project.  Commissioner Abbott stated that Woodhouse-Tinucci is elegant and simple, not flashy and fits both the project profile and community better.

Commissioner Shelly stated that the Board can’t go wrong with either firm, and although she originally preferred Farr, she does think Woodhouse-Tinucci would be a good choice. 

Commissioner Pellaton noted that there was a difference in energy of the two presenters.  Woodhouse-Tinucci didn’t show that they really wanted the job, but the credibility is there.  He added that Farr  may have suffered due to the distance from the initial meeting but noted that the energy they brought would be the energy they bring to meetings with the public.  Commissioner Pellaton feels that whoever we pick will listen and will maintain the budget. He stressed that the Board will use discretion in spending.

Commissioner Abbott suggested that the Committee currently has three options; vote now, defer the decision, or take individual recommendations to the full board.

Commissioner Pellaton expressed that he has spoken with all the board members and most said it would be difficult to say one way or another since they had not seen all the presentations.

Commissioner Shelly added that she thinks public opinion is crucial and we want the community to get behind this. She feels both firms are great and can absolutely support Woodhouse-Tinucci and thinks this direction will be more favorable with the community.   
Commissioner Pellaton moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded a motion to recommend hiring Woodhouse-Tinucci to the full Board at the December 12 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.  All voted yes; motion carried.

VI. New Business
A. Park Permit Request  

Superintendent Bingham described the requested use of Gillson Park. Two dates are listed on the application. Staff would prefer not to have the event on the 24th.  The October date will   provide some time after the triathlon. She added that the group will need to go through the Village for permitting.  The Committee requested that staff contact the applicant to have them go to the Village first and provide additional details along with a map of the route.  Staff will steer away from the 24th. The Committee tabled the park permit request from NAMI CCNS.   
VII. Manager’s Report
Superintendent Bingham reported on the following topics:  

  • Lakefront staff are updating contracts and job description, as well as getting out job applications and interviewing for summer positions.
  • There is an upcoming meeting of the Northshore Beach Roundtable which includes representatives from Wilmette, Evanston, IDNR, Glencoe, Northwestern, and PDRMA.  They will review this past summer and talk about the future.
  • Water Safety week is May 21-27, 2017.  Staff will try to promote public education on water safety.  There are grants available from the IDNR who is also putting effort into public education on water safety.
  • Assistant Lakefront Manager Katy Bradford was nominated as Vice President of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA).
  • DNR IDPH Beach Manager’s meeting will take place at Lakeview next spring.
  • The Committee discussed that the next meeting would be January 2, which is a holiday.  The Committee recommended rescheduling the meeting, but no date was decided on at this time.

Sarah Lyke added that she would like to thank Superintendent Lambrecht and his staff for clearing out the brush and overgrown vegetation on the bluff and added that it looks very nice and has opened up some views of the lake.

VIII. Adjournment
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.