MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2008
Written notice of said meeting was given to the Commissioners and the Wilmette Life in accordance with the Wilmette Park District Code, Section 2103, and Section 2.02 of the Open Meetings Act.
President Crowley called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
PRESENT:   President Jim Crowley, Commissioners Jim Brault, Diana Cohen, Darrell Graham, David Miller, Dennis O’Malley, Henry Wolff, Secretary/Director Tom Grisamore
STAFF:   Superintendents Bingham, Bowen, Lambrecht and Wilson; Communications Manager Donoghue
Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Brault seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the February 11, 2008 Regular Board Meeting.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – NoneMotion carried.
COMMUNICATIONS & CORRESPONDENCE: President Crowley acknowledged receipt of the following:
. . .       Letter from the Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA) acknowledging
the Park District’s loss control efforts with a $1,500 cash award and an award plaque.
…        Letter to Jeff Bowen from The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)
stating that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved 2 of the 4 grants so far for damage caused by the storm that occurred on August 23, 2007.
…        A letter to the Park Board from the African American Contractors Association
inviting them to attend their 17th Annual Membership and Awards Reception on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 in Chicago.
…        Letter to the Park Board from the Glenview Park District regarding a legislative
breakfast program hosted by IAPD’s Joint Legislative Committee on Tuesday, March 18, at the Glenview Park Golf Club.
…        A packet of news releases and letters which include:
a)         Article from The Wilmette Life dated February 21, 2008 on the first event of the Park District’s Centennial Celebration held at the ice rink on Sunday, February 17.
b)         Article from The Wilmette Life dated February 28, 2008 regarding the Park District’s 2008 budget year.
c)         Article from The Wilmette Life dated February 28, 2008 regarding the music played during skating parties.
d)         Letter from the President of Mobile Music regarding its music selection policy.
e)         Memo to Mobile Music staff from its President announcing an event procedure update.
f)          Editorial from The Wilmette Life dated March 6 regarding the music played during skating parties.
Commissioner Brault moved and Commissioner Cohen seconded a motion to approve the Voucher List in the amount of $1,091,885.75, a copy of which is to be attached to and become a permanent part of the minutes of this meeting.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – None.  Motion carried.
Financial Planning & Policy Committee
Committee Chair Brault reported the Financial Planning & Policy Committee met on March 3. The primary topic was the Parameters Resolution which was discussed at last month’s Park Board meeting. As background, there are two outstanding bond issues – Series 2001 and 2002. The Committee has been looking at these bond issues to see if a portion of the issues that are pre-payable can be refinanced in an effort to save money. The markets have become very volatile over the last several months. As a result, a Parameters Resolution has been created which outlines in specific terms the refinancing of these bond issues if the market reaches certain points. The Park District will save money if the goals of 4% on the Series 2001 bond issue and 5.25% on the Series 2002 issue are achieved. If the market reaches these percentages, then the Board has essentially pre-authorized the refinancing of these bonds as outlined in the Parameters Resolution.
Commissioner Brault moved and Commissioner Miller seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2008-R-2, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF REFUNDING BONDS BY THE WILMETTE PARK DISTRICT, COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS.
Commissioner Brault added that the memo included in the Board packet outlines the steps to be taken for the refinancing. The refinancing is essentially when the proceeds of the sale of the refinancing are set aside and held in an escrow account to offset the existing obligation which basically erases our liability for the primary bond.
Commissioner O’Malley asked for clarification on the timing of the refinancing if our target percentage points were reached in between scheduled meetings. Commissioner Brault replied that if all conditions outlined in the Parameters Resolution were met, we would proceed with the refinancing at that time. Commissioner Brault also pointed out that we are not yet close to the targets of 4% and 5.25% which are higher than the recommended guidelines of 3%. As a result, the Park District would realize savings that are well above typical results.
Director Grisamore added that staff has been in constant contact with our financial advisor Eric Anderson and that when rates begin to improve his advice to act would be followed. Commissioner Brault stated that if the refinancing is successful, there would be a significant present value dollar savings of $485,000. The resolution allows the Park District only one opportunity to act on a refinancing and if different percentage goals were agreed upon, a new Parameters Resolution would need to be created.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – None.  Motion carried.
Parks and Recreation  -- Committee Chair Wolff reported the Committee did not meet last month. The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 17.
Commissioner Wolff moved and Commissioner Cohen seconded a motion to approve the bid from Hardin Paving Company for the reconstruction of the parking lot at the Community Recreation Center in the total amount of $593,500.00.
Commissioner Miller stated this is a significant savings over the original estimated cost due to lower construction costs and increased competition within the industry. Director Grisamore added that there were ten bids of which three were under $600,000 and that the Park District issued $1 million in bonds last fall for this purpose. While the cost of asphalt has risen, the construction companies are willing to lower their bids in order to remain competitive. In the memo accompanying the bid recommendation, Superintendent Lambrecht estimated a total cost of $738,000 which included preliminary work for the skate park. This will result in a $58,000 savings for the skate park project. This parking lot bid was brought to the Financial Planning & Policy Committee for approval since a meeting was scheduled shortly after the bid opening. The Committee then recommended the bid be approved by the Park Board. Our engineering firm Gewalt-Hamilton felt the low bidder was qualified. The bid also includes the cost of $43,100 for providing on-site supervision in addition to the original $51,000 which was approved by the Parks & Recreation Committee to facilitate the bid process and construction. The additional cost was deemed necessary since full-time supervision is required which would not be feasible for our staff. Commissioner Brault added that when the additional cost of on-site supervision is added to the low bid, it brings us to the next lowest bidder for whom we would have wanted supervision as well. Director Grisamore stated demolition is scheduled to begin over spring break week. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 9 but the construction company has indicated they hope to finish it sooner.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – None.  Motion carried.
Golf Operations Committee – Committee Chair O’Malley reported the Committee did not meet in February but will be meeting on Saturday, March 22. The Golf Lottery for the 2008 season tee times will be held Tuesday, March 11, at the golf course. The deadline was 5 p.m. on Monday, March 10. Director Grisamore added there are 63 foursomes registered at this point. Last year there were 64. The breakdown this year is as follows:
Phase I  (4 residents/grandfathered non-residents): 54 foursomes
Phase II  (3 residents/1 non-resident):  4 foursomes
Phase III  (2 residents/2 non-residents):  5 foursomes
Centennial Operations Committee – Committee Chair Miller reported the Committee met earlier this evening and received updates on the tennis and ice rink operations which are both doing extremely well. Tennis is awaiting its final sign-up for the lottery and the ice rink is reviewing potential contracts for next year. Also, there is a bid recommendation for a new Ice Resurfacer.
Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Cohen seconded a motion to approve the bid from Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. for an Ice Resurfacer at the Centennial Ice Facility in the total amount of $63,569.69.
President Crowley noted that there was a discrepancy on the bid recommendation regarding the age of the Zamboni being replaced. Director Grisamore clarified that the 1994 electric Zamboni is the one that is being traded in and replaced with a propane gas Zamboni. There were battery replacement cost issues and other difficulties with the electric model whereas the propane gas Zamboni seems to perform better and last longer.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – None.  Motion carried.
Director Grisamore reported that the golf lottery will be held tomorrow, March 12. The Golf Operations Committee meeting will be held on March 22. At the same time, there will be an open house at the golf maintenance facility to which all golf members and Commissioners will be invited. Equipment will be on display along with informational plaques placed by each piece describing when they were purchased, their replacement costs, what function they perform, etc. In addition, the mechanics will also be taking apart pieces of equipment to show everyone what is involved in that process. It is hoped that the Golf Committee as well as the entire Board are able to attend. The committee meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. and the maintenance facility will remain open until 10:30 a.m. Visitors will be allowed to drive to the maintenance building and parking is available.
The Spring/Summer Leisure Time Guide was mailed Friday, March 7. The majority of residents should have received them on Saturday morning. The brochure is also available on www.wilmettepark.org.
Director Grisamore stated that there had been a setback in the cell tower negotiations and that the Financial Planning Committee was told at its meeting on February 3 that T-Mobile decided against assuming the liability and maintenance of the chimney. After that occurred, US Cellular stated they were also not willing to assume it. After speaking with our attorney, both US Cellular and T-Mobile were told that if they wished to continue negotiations with the Park District, they would be required to pay the $5,000 administrative fee up front since we had already spent enough money on attorney fees and staff time without any serious intent from them. They were also told that if they were not interested in making a deal, the chimney would then most likely be torn down. On Friday, March 7, our attorney Jim Wascher received an email from US Cellular asking where to send the $5,000 check and that they wished to continue the negotiations. T-Mobile also contacted Mr. Wascher and stated they were now willing to accept maintenance and liability for the chimney with the cost split among the other providers. Mr. Wascher told them that if they wanted to remain in the negotiations they must pay the $5,000 fee. It is hoped that the Financial Planning Committee will be able to review the contracts before the next Board meeting.
Director Grisamore reported Superintendent Lambrecht was also contacted by Cricket Communications who now appear to still be interested after having dropped out. It was  thought that maybe they could build a tower which would be difficult to do in this area. Cricket or any other provider could be added to the chimney later and that they would share in the initial and ongoing maintenance costs. US Cellular bid $2,800/month for the top position, T-Mobile bid $2,000/month for the second position and in previous talks with Cricket, they bid approximately $1,500/month for the third position which is 75 feet in height. These companies would also have to pay a $16,000 fee upon signing the agreements. As a result, the first year could result in an excess of $100,000 for the Park District. Moving forward and assuming Cricket is in the deal, the Park District would receive approximately $75,000/year escalating at 3% a year.
Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Wolff seconded a motion to approve the ‘Consent to Grant of Temporary Construction Easement’ and to authorize and direct the Executive Director of the Park Districts to execute the consent in the name and on behalf of the Park District as requested by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for the Village of Wilmette’s Sheridan Road construction project.
Director Grisamore explained that the actual construction phase of the road begins at the end of this month. The Board approved both a temporary and permanent easement last fall. This request is for an enlargement of the temporary easement which Superintendent Lambrecht confirmed would not affect the Park District nor the Frank Govern Golf Course (formerly Peter Jans).
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, O’Malley and Wolff; voting No -- None. Absent – None.  Motion carried.
Commissioner O’Malley commented this is the latest in the season the outdoor rinks have been open and that people are still skating at Mallinckrodt. Director Grisamore added that the natural retention area has become a great place to skate. Commissioner Cohen added that it appears rental room activity at Mallinckrodt is starting to do well.
Commissioner Brault asked if there was a way to increase the lighting at Mallinckrodt when the ice rink is open. Superintendent Lambrecht replied that part of the problem is that the final adjustment on the lighting had not been done in the fall and as a result the

lights are not aimed correctly. When that has been done, the lighting problem should be
resolved. Commissioner O’Malley questioned if there was a way for skaters to avoid walking across the concrete from the bench to the rink. Superintendent Lambrecht stated he will investigate this matter
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.