MONDAY, JULY 9, 2007
Written notice of said meeting was given to the Commissioners and the Wilmette Life in accordance with the Wilmette Park District Code, Section 2103, and Section 2.02 of the Open Meetings Act.
President Crowley called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.
PRESENT:   President Jim Crowley, Commissioners Jim Brault, Diana Cohen, Darrell Graham, David Miller, Henry Wolff, Secretary/Director Terry Porter
STAFF:          Superintendents Lambrecht and Wilson
ABSENT:      Commissioner Dennis O’Malley, Superintendent Grisamore
Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Wolff seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the June 11, 2007 Regular Board Meeting.
Before a roll call vote was taken, Commissioner Brault asked that a sentence be corrected regarding neighborhood parking at Langdon Park on page 5 of the minutes. He wished to change the term “lakefront parking pass” to “a daily pass”.
President Crowley stated that the minutes of June 11, 2007 would be amended to reflect his statement.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, and Wolff;  voting No -- None. Absent – Commissioner O’Malley.  Motion carried.
COMMUNICATIONS & CORRESPONDENCE: President Crowley acknowledged receipt of the following:
. . .       E-mail dated July 6, 2007 from Yana Serdyuk thanking the park district for making Langdon Beach a paid one and that her family can start going there again.

Commissioner Wolff moved and Commissioner Miller seconded a motion to approve the Voucher List in the amount of $2,060,743.95, a copy of which is to be attached to and become a permanent part of the minutes of this meeting.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, and Wolff;  voting No -- None. Absent – Commissioner O’Malley.  Motion carried.
Parks and Recreation  -- Committee Chair Wolff reported that the committee met on June 20. The committee recognized a letter from the First Presbyterian Church regarding the use of Wallace Bowl for a service on Sunday, September 9, 2007. After a brief discussion, the Committee approved the permit by general consent.
The Committee recognized Sue Leason who asked that the Park District consider making Langdon Park an adult-only beach. She believes that adults deserve a place for peace and quiet. She stated that Lake Forest has already done this. There was discussion among the Committee members but no recommendation was made.
Bill Miller reported that the lakefront season is going well. It started slow but when school let out for year, it became busier.
Kathy Bingham stated that camps are off to a good start and that unlike previous years, the weather has been good with no rain dates so far. The Wallace Bowl season opened July 5 and will run through the middle of August. The Mallinckrodt Community Center will open in the fall. In addition to the senior center moving to Mallinckrodt, low impact exercise classes, adult classes and some art classes will also move.
Under Old Business, Superintendent Lambrecht provided an update on the progress of work at Mallinckrodt.
Under New Business, the Committee discussed a letter from residents in the 1300 block of Elmwood requesting that the Park District purchase 1435 Elmwood. After some discussion, it was decided to reject their request.
Staff asked the Committee to consider some projects for next year which included the development of a master plan for Gillson and Langdon Parks, the Langdon Park season-end review, the Mallinckrodt Community Center opening, and the Mallinckrodt Park dedication.
Commissioner Wolff moved and Commissioner Cohen seconded a motion to approve the bid from Mr. David’s Carpet Service in the amount of $46,543.13 for the replacement of carpeting at the Community Recreation Center.
Commissioner Cohen inquired as to where the carpeting and tile were going to be installed. Director Porter responded that this bid represents the Early Childhood component of a $95,000 budgeted carpeting replacement program. There are a few other areas in the recreation center that need carpeting and we will use some but not all of the $95,000 budgeted. The Early Childhood department does get a lot of use. This section of the bid is on budget and probably slightly lower than we originally thought for this component.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, and Wolff;  voting No -- None. Absent – Commissioner O’Malley.  Motion carried.
Golf Operations – Committee Member Brault reported that the Committee met on June 23. So far this year, rounds are up 2.1% over last year. Memberships are currently at 592, down slightly from last year’s 627. We will probably finish the year at 600 memberships. The Al McLean Tournament went very well with 225 golfers, up from 165 last year. Of special note is that Commissioner O’Malley’s daughter took second place in one of the age categories. Over 30 young ash trees have been sprayed to prevent the ash borers and hopefully that will have a positive effect. The course is on budget overall. So far, we have about $70,000 in positive net income and we expect that number to be around $100,000 by end of the month. We are right on budget in large part because of contracting the restaurant.
Minor course improvements are ongoing and some visitors had good suggestions but overall the course is in very good shape.
We experienced a failure of one of the pumps on one of the wells for the irrigation system and one of the motors needed to be replaced at a cost of $25,000-$30,000. Staff is looking at holding off on three other capital projects scheduled for this year and these will probably be deferred because of this necessary replacement. Director Porter stated the repair has been completed.
Centennial Operations -- Committee Chair Miller announced that the committee met this evening and will provide a report at the next Park Board meeting.
Financial Planning & Policy – Committee Chair Brault reported that the Committee met on June 19 and will be meeting again this coming Thursday primarily to discuss debt issuance and the refunding ofour existing debt in 2008 as well as our potential financing for issuing $1 million in new debt to address our future capital projects for next year. A recommendation to the Board will be made in about a month from now.
Regarding email addresses for Commissioners, Commissioner Brault moved and Commissioner Miller seconded a motion to approve the creation of an email address for each Park Board Commissioner in the form of “first initial + last name@wilpark.org” for publication.
By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Brault, Cohen, Crowley, Graham, Miller, and Wolff;  voting No -- None. Absent – Commissioner O’Malley.  Motion carried.
The Committee also talked about items that will be discussed in the coming months such as improving our technology as well as some of our internal purchasing policies. We will hopefully have more to report on in the next month or two.
On Sunday, July 8, there was an incident at Gillson Park when a private sailor’s boat capsized. This occurred after our staff had gone off duty and the beach had just closed. There were five people on the boat who were able to get to shore. However, one young man was left in the water. A sailor who was on the shore went back out to rescue the young man. The young man was then taken to Evanston Hospital and released that same night. It is unclear how long he was in the water but he was wearing a lifejacket.  Everyone is okay but Director Porter just wanted everyone to be aware of what happened. President Crowley suggested that this private sunfish probably had too many people on it.
As a reminder to Commissioners, Director Porter stated the Legislative Breakfast is this week Thursday. If anyone wishes to attend, please let him know.
The Skate Park issue is on the agenda for the Village Board meeting to be held tomorrow night. If approved, staff will then work with Thompson Dyke Associates to finalize plans with some minor changes. Director Porter will also work with the neighbors regarding the fine turning.
Director Porter also updated the Park Board on Langdon Park. The changes enacted have had a positive effect. Last year the crowds numbered close to 1,000 per day on the weekends and now there are not many more than 100-150. The rules and regulations are being followed and staff is not hearing much from the neighborhood which is a good sign. However, a lot of the bad behavior at Langdon experienced last year has moved down to the overlook area in Gillson. At least at Gillson we have a better parking area and a police presence. Director Porter feels that at this point through the season, the effort seems to be working. We will also meet with neighbors at year-end to review this season and to review any new ideas for next year.
Next year will be an interesting year because of the scheduled Sheridan Road construction. This will be a major challenge not only for Langdon but also for Gillson. We will work closely with the Village to determine where and when the roads will be closed. There will be all lanes closed in major sections of Sheridan Road with detours to the side roads.
Commissioners Brault asked if the opening of Langdon Beach has affected the operation at Gillson. Director Porter stated that Langdon is not going to breakeven this year but we spent much more money last year on security to try to control activity at Langdon.
Commissioner Brault stated he noticed the shoe recycling box at the Community Recreation Center is now gone. Director Porter stated that these boxes have been organized by Scout projects and the Village in the past. He will follow-up on this recycling program.
President Crowley announced the park district will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008 and we have been receiving some very interesting input from staff including old photos, information on the first meetings of the park district, and descriptions on where the parks and facilities were located and their appearances. There will be several special programs throughout the year. Also, Communications Manager Shelagh Donoghue was able to interview former Park Board Commissioner Bill Lambrecht, Sr. before he passed away and that information will be included in future brochures.
President Crowley also stated that the Centennial Celebration Committee with Shelagh’s assistance has developed a new logo design for our consideration. He thought the logo looked great and approved of the design. Director Porter stated that Shelagh explained the thought process behind the logo design in her memo included in the packet which summarizes the process. Commissioner Cohen stated that she prefers the architectural look of the current logo and that the new logo is attractive but feels it leans a bit toward the “cute” side. She wondered if our current logo could be combined with the proposed logo. President Crowley stated that Shelagh will be asked to take another look at the logo to see if Commissioner Cohen’s suggestion idea could be incorporated.
Commissioner Brault asked for an estimate on how much it would cost to convert the current logos to the new design. Director Porter explained that the old logos would not be taken out all at once and that it would be a gradual process. When asked how much each decal would cost, Superintendent Lambrecht replied about $4 each. Director Porter estimated the total cost of the logos would probably be around $2,000 and the new logo would be phased in as new uniforms and equipment is ordered.
Commissioner Miller stated that they had not previously seen any other design choices and wondered if there was another design which may have been better. Director Porter explained that different colors and different fonts were looked at but the tree design remained basically the same throughout the design process. Director Porter also stated that Shelagh will continue to work on the logo design and the revised proposed logo would be on the agenda at next month’s meeting.
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.