Written notice of said meeting was given to the Commissioners and the Wilmette Life in accordance with the Wilmette Park District Code, Section 2103, and Section 2.02 of the Open Meetings Act.

President Wolff called the meeting to order at  7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: President Henry Wolff, Commissioners Cecelia Carlson, Jim Crowley, Richard Marcus, David Miller, Dennis O’Malley, Secretary/Director Terry Porter, Treasurer/Business Manager George Kush

ABSENT: Commissioner Diana Cohen

VISITORS: Superintendent Bill Lambrecht

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner O’Malley seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 9, 2004.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Carlson, Crowley, Marcus, Miller, O'Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None.  Absent – Commissioner Cohen.  Motion carried.

COMMUNICATIONS & CORRESPONDENCE:  President Wolff acknowledged receipt of the following:

. . .  Letter received August 25, 2004 from H. Buchman, MD, 436 Alpine Lane expressing support for the Ronald Knox Montessori School’s purchase of two acres of property at Mallinckrodt.

Commissioner Marcus noted that this issue has been resolved.

. . . Letter dated  August 27, 2004 from Lewis Pauker, 1300 Middlebury Lane commending staff at the Center Fitness Club for their helpfulness and courtesy.

President Wolff referred the letter to the Parks and Recreation Committee.
. . . Letter dated September 8, 2004 from Judy Beck, Glenview Park District & Appointee of the Illinois Association of Park Districts thanking the Park District for the $250.00 contribution to the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission.

. . . Letter dated September 3, 2004 from Karen Kurgan, 333 Washington expressing concerns with the $3.00 fee at the pool for looking up a membership.

. . . Copy of letter dated September 9, 2004 from Director Porter to Ms. Kurgan inviting her to attend the September 13th Centennial Operations Committee meeting.

Commissioner O’Malley noted that the Centennial Operations Committee had reviewed the letter and addressed the issue at their meeting immediately preceding the Board meeting.

. . . E-mail dated August 16, 2004 from Ellen Speers, 932 Harvard Lane requesting that the wall surrounding the Mallinckrodt property be retained with openings in the wall for entrance to the park.

President Wolff referred the letter to the Parks and Recreation Committee.


Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Carlson seconded a motion to approve the Voucher List in the amount of $2,222,412.87, a copy of which is to be attached to and become a permanent part of the minutes of this meeting.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Carlson, Crowley, Marcus, Miller, O'Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None.  Absent – Commissioner Cohen.  Motion carried.


Parks and Recreation – Committee Chair Marcus reported that the Committee met on August 16th.  He stated that the Committee reviewed correspondence regarding the poor condition of one of the beach washrooms, which staff stated had been rectified.  Two letters from Ed Petrosius regarding concerns about the sailing beach and the storm damage that occurred on July 13th were reviewed.  Staff explained that there is no feasible way for the sailing staff to check 527 boats every night to see if they are secured at both ends.  Staff also noted that this was the only complaint that was received with regard to the storm that occurred on July 13th.

Commissioner Marcus further reported that the Committee reviewed a request from Bill Fauntleroy to use Gillson Park for a campout for the YMCA Adventure Guides.  The participants would be girls in first through fourth grades and their fathers, totaling approximately 300 people.  The Committee agreed to allow the event on a one time basis which will be reviewed following its conclusion, at which time a decision will be made on allowing events such as this in the future.  After discussion, the Committee offered October 16th as a suitable date.  Mr. Fauntleroy stated that he would get back to the Park District to let them know if this is appropriate for this overnight event.  In response to a request for a bonfire, the Committee also informed Mr. Fauntleroy that bonfires are not allowed within the Village even if a fire pit is used.  He was advised to discuss the situation with the Village’s Fire Marshal.

Commissioner Marcus also reported that the Committee had a lengthy discussion regarding the difficulties associated with enforcing the no swimming rules at Langdon Park since the private property owners will not allow Park District vehicles access from Gillson Park.  After discussion, the Committee requested that staff put together cost estimates to install washrooms to bring the site into compliance with State Health Codes for a beach, and to develop a report on the costs associated with opening the beach to pass holders.  Commissioner Marcus noted that this would help to alleviate some of the liability concerns with the beach as it now exists.

Commissioner Marcus concluded his report by stating that at the meeting, the Committee had discussed the location for a skateboard park within the Village.  Staff was asked to review the Howard Park location, and was directed to contact the Wilmette Police Department and the Village of Wilmette regarding the feasibility of the Howard Park location.  Staff was also requested to develop cost estimates for construction.

Golf Operations Committee – Committee Chair Crowley asked Director Porter and Parks Superintendent Lambrecht to report on some issues relative to the bids for the golf clubhouse and parking lot project.

Director Porter noted that two bid packets were developed for the golf clubhouse project Bid Packet #1 for the clubhouse and parking lot project was opened on Thursday, September 2nd.  Included in this bid package were 13 separate items  which related mostly to site work and the building shell.  The goal with Bid Package #1 was to bid items which will allow completion of the exterior work and have the building under roof by winter. Director Porter explained that Bid Packet #2, which is scheduled to be available in early November, will focus on the interior of  the clubhouse, including such items as finish carpentry, millwork, doors and frames, carpeting, painting, wall coverings, partitions, etc.  He noted that twelve of the 13 bids in Packet #1 are recommended for approval at tonight’s meeting.  The rough carpentry bid is still in the process of being evaluated due to the complicated nature of this component.  Director Porter noted that based on the results of Bid Packet #1 and preliminary cost estimates for Bid Packet #2, the project will be approximately half a million dollars over budget after value engineering and deducts. He explained that preliminary Bid Packet #2 is currently being reviewed by W. B. Olson and Park District staff, and there are a number of items in this bid packet which will probably be revised.  He noted that these are items which can be scaled back without changing the appearance or quality of the building.  The changes will be made prior to going out to bid in November. Director Porter added that staff is confident that ways to bring the project closer to budget will be identified during this process.

Superintendent Lambrecht explained that the original budget developed in April was based on a 20,000 square foot building which included 11,000 square feet at grade and 9,000 square feet underground.  After conducting the space needs analysis with staff and incorporating user comments, the building size grew ten percent to approximately 22,000 square feet.  The original budget, including construction, architects, engineering, and contingency, totaled approximately $5.9 million.  Updated budget estimates, including architects, engineering, and a 3% contingency, are estimated to be a total cost of $7 million. Superintendent Lambrecht stated that value engineering should  significantly reduce the cost to a figure closer to budget.

Superintendent Lambrecht noted that the bids for Packet #1 are over budget, primarily in two areas – carpentry and masonry.  The overage in the budget for carpentry is mostly due to the complicated nature of the timber framing planned in the grill room, on the porch area and at the entrance to the pro shop. He explained that there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the costs without compromising the look and quality of the design. Staff anticipates that there will be a bid recommendation for carpentry at the October meeting.   With regard to the masonry, Superintendent Lambrecht explained that one of the biggest reasons for this overage is the skyrocketing fuel costs associated with operating the kilns that heat the bricks in the masonry process.  In addition, the high cost of fuel related to transportation costs of materials plays a role in all of the bids.

With regard to possible reductions in the cost of the project, Commissioner Miller noted that the clubhouse is a facility that will probably serve the Park District and the community for at least 30 to 40 years.  He stated that the community expects the new clubhouse to be a top quality building and he would not like to sacrifice any of the planned features due to additional costs.  He added that if you pro rate the additional costs over the useful life of the building, the higher costs would not be a significant factor. During discussion, it was the Board’s consensus to agree with Commissioner Miller’s opinion and that there should be no sacrifices in quality or appearance for cost cutting measures.  Staff was encouraged to look for ways to reduce costs without compromising the project.

Commissioner Crowley moved and Commissioner Marcus seconded a motion to approve the following bids for golf clubhouse and parking lot construction: 
 Lenzini Excavating, Lincolnshire, IL in the amount of $333,000.00 for excavation and site demolition

 Glander Paving, Palatine, IL in the amount of $173,400.00 for asphalt paving

 Circle Concrete, Zion, IL in the amount of $547,950 .00 for concrete

 Mid State Concrete Products, Elgin, IL in the amount of $73,890.00 for precast concrete planks.

 Jimmy’z Masonry, Crystal Lake, IL in the amount of $498,000.00 for masonry

 Jack Frost Iron, Fox Lake, IL in the amount of $78,985.00 for structural steel and miscellaneous metals

 R. E. Burke Roofing, Skokie, IL in the amount of $155,300.00 for roofing and sheet metal

 IWS, Inc., Aurora, IL in the amount of $39,205.00 for caulking and waterproofing

 Kone Elevator, Lombard, IL in the amount of $59,235.00 for an elevator

 Earnie Petersen, Waukegan, IL in the amount of $96,900.00 for building plumbing

 Dan Dee Sewer and Water, Park Ridge, IL in the amount of $142,500.00 for site plumbing

 Crosstown Electric, Elk Grove Village, IL in the amount of $110,000.00 for site electric

 for a total of $2,308,365.00.

Director Porter pointed out that except for the elevator, multiple bids had been received for all the items.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Carlson, Crowley, Marcus, Miller, O'Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None.  Absent – Commissioner Cohen.  Motion carried.

Centennial Operations – Commissioner O’Malley reported that the Committee met prior to the Board meeting and a full report will be given at the October Board meeting.

Commissioner Carlson moved and Commissioner O’Malley seconded a motion to approve renaming the Centennial Tennis facility to the Wilmette Tennis Club as recommended by the Centennial Operations Committee.

Director Porter noted that there has been a positive response from the golfers to the name change from the Wilmette Golf Course to the Wilmette Golf Club.  The Centennial Operations Committee feels that from a marketing and name recognition perspective, a name change at Tennis would be beneficial to enhance the image of the facility.  He added that in all literature regarding the facility, it will be noted that the Tennis Club is a facility of the Wilmette Park District.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Carlson, Crowley, Marcus, Miller, O'Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None.  Absent – Commissioner Cohen.  Motion carried.

Financial Planning & Policy --  Committee Chair Miller reported that the Committee met on August 30th.  At that time, staff gave a mid year financial review which projected a $586,000 increase in the year-end surplus over budget.  This projected surplus amount includes the full deduction of the $300,000 emergency capital reserve. Commissioner Miller noted that staff indicated that so far this year, the District has experienced good pre season membership sales, strong camp registration, lower utility and IMRF costs, and reduced salary and wage expenses. It was also noted that several measures were taken to improve financial results through effective management and cost controls, which included limiting capital expenditures to only emergency replacements as well as limiting salary and wage increase to 2% for certain employee categories.  It was noted that through July 31st, less than $70,000 of the emergency $300,000 capital replacement reserve had been spent.  

Commissioner Miller further reported that staff reported on the recommended guidelines for preparation of the 2005 budget. The Committee concurred with the recommendations, which may be subject to change after preparation of the individual facility budgets and review of the consolidated results. 

Commissioner Miller moved and Commissioner Carlson seconded a motion to approve the engagement of KPMG for audit services to the Wilmette Park District for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2004 for a fee of $39,000 as recommended by the Financial Planning and Policy Committee.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes -- Commissioners Carlson, Crowley, Marcus, Miller, O'Malley, and Wolff; voting No -- None.  Absent – Commissioner Cohen.  Motion carried.


Commissioner Marcus stated that it is anticipated that there will be an executed contract from Oculus-Pickus for purchase of the Mallinckrodt building within the next two or three days.  He noted that last month, some difficult issues arose.  However, Director Porter and Attorney Charlene Holtz, working with Village of Wilmette staff, were able to work through these issues to assure that the transaction will proceed.   He noted that Mallinckrodt Residences LLC (Oculus-Pickus) has submitted their zoning application for the adaptive re-use of the Mallinckrodt Building, and the zoning hearing is scheduled for September 29. 

Director Porter stated that the Appearance Review Commission is conducting a preliminary appearance review of the building.  He noted that the contract requires that the Park District close on the sale by the end of this year.  The closing date will be set a few days before December 31st.  He added that a fifty percent presale of the units is one of the conditions of the sale, and he commented that there seems to be a lot of interest in the community in purchasing the condominiums.  Director Porter stated that the Park District is working on developing plans for the park and the Park District space in the building.

President Wolff, on behalf of the Board, thanked everyone involved in the Mallinckrodt transactions, including Commissioners Marcus and Miller, Director Porter, Superintendents Grisamore and Lambrecht, Business Manager Kush, and Communications Manager Shelagh Donoghue for all their special efforts in getting this project off the ground and keeping it going.  He noted that it has been a long road, but that the end is in sight.


Director Porter reported that seasonal operations have been shut down for the year.  He stated that it was good weather for golf and for some of the construction on the golf course.  The 18th green was seeded on the Friday before Labor Day and grass had already germinated on the green within a few days.  Staff can begin cutting the green as early as this weekend.

Commissioner Marcus pointed out that the golfers are very pleased with all of the improvements at the golf course.  There has been a very positive reaction to all the plans and to what has been done so far.


Commissioner O’Malley noted that the fireworks display, which had been rained out on July 3rd, will take place at the Community Picnic on September 18th.  Director Porter reported that the fireworks show will begin at 8:15 p.m. and there will be a Unity Walk from the Village Hall to Gillson Park prior to the event.  He also stated that there will be four food vendors at the picnic.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes approved October 11, 2004