Date: February 22, 2010
Place:  Centennial Recreation Complex
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Commissioners: Brault, Murdock, Wolff
Staff: Bowen, Lambrecht, Bingham, Grisamore, Juliar, Smith

Topics of Discussion:
1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Communications & Correspondence
4) Managers Reports
5) Old Business
6) Adjourn


1) The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

2) The Committee approved the minutes of the January 25, 2010 Committee meeting by General Consent

3) Under Communications & Communications, Commissioner Brault stated he had called Dale Atkinson, President of the New Tier Hockey Club, and left several messages concerning the ice time the club returned this year. Commissioner Brault stated he would attempt to contact Mr. Atkinson again this week.

4) Under Managers Reports, Darrell Smith reported the Tennis Lottery Brochure was sent out during the first week of February. The deadline for the permanent court time lottery registration is April 5 and court selection will be held on April 26, 2010. Class registration went well in January with 369 students registering and all classes selling out. Summer Pirate Camp is 84% full and staff expects the remaining openings to fill soon. Requests for quotes have gone out for the replacement of the original interior wall padding throughout the facility and are expected back soon.

Commissioner Brault asked how many class registrations were received through online vs. walk-in registration. Darrell stated that except for Pirate Camp no registrations are received online since each tennis class is based on the skill level of the participants. Therefore, staff needs to assist the patrons in registering to make sure the participant’s level of skill matches the requirements of the class. There are limitations in the number of classes held and they have been consistently selling out each session. As a result, if a participant signed up for an intermediate level drill class and their actual skills were not quite at that level there would not be room for that individual to move into a lower level class after the session had begun. The student would be disappointed and the revenue would be lost. In-person registration also allows staff to match each participant with a class in which they would feel comfortable. For example, if a junior beginners class had all boys sign up and the last spot was selected unbeknownst by a young girl, the demographic mix may not make the girl feel comfortable. Once again, there would be nowhere to move her since the other classes would be full.

All of these concerns are eliminated by staff’s interaction with the patron at the time of registration. If a patron cannot be on site for their lottery registration time, staff will process their selected registrations at that time. Additionally, this provides staff with a perfect opportunity to market and up-sell additional classes to the patron and other members of the families. 
Terry Juliar reported there are currently 865 individuals registered for ice classes for the Mid-Winter season compared to 785 from a year ago. The Ice Show theme this year is the “Olympic Dream”.  Music and costumes have been selected and the costumes will be delivered the second week in April. Tickets for the show will be sold this year online through RecTrac. 

Commissioner Brault asked if it was possible to have video portions of the Ice Show on our web site. Superintendent Bowen stated he would discuss it with the Marketing Department.

A discussion took place concerning the impact of the ice closure in June for emergency maintenance. Terry reported the first indication of a problem occurred in September with a wet spot on the ice. The second indication was a low reading in the compressor room in November before the Thanksgiving Day tournaments. Staff was unable to locate the problem area and it was not until Edward’s Engineering was called in that an area of concern was discovered in the southwest corner of the rink. Terry stated the time when the rink is scheduled to closed is usually when most skaters take a break and traditionally has the lowest enrollments in classes.

Brian Udany stated the pool is virtually fully staffed with 74 lifeguards and 32 swim instructors. The facility continues to receive applications and staff fully anticipates there will not be any issues.

5) Superintendent Lambrecht reported that IDPH has still not finalized the rules for the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA). He has spoken with our Park District attorney who stated the District has done everything it can in order to be in compliance. 

Superintendent Bowen began a discussion on the draft Paddle Tennis Report.  The Committee complimented staff’s work on the report. After some discussion, it was recommended the sample locations that were listed for cost comparisons should be removed so that any location would not be interpreted as a recommended site. Jeff stated that the cost of construction could be consolidated with a range in cost listed. Also, he recommended that a consultant be hired to assess possible sites and make recommendations for locations. Jeff said the changes would be made and the report would be returned to the Committee for review.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Minutes taken by Jeffrey Bowen.