Date: March 8, 2010   Place: Park District Conference Room

Time: 6:15 p.m.

Attendance: Commissioners:  Crowley; Miller; Graham; Murdock
Staff: Grisamore, Lambrecht; Bingham; Groves; Specht; Bowen; Wilson     
Topics for Discussion:

1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Communications and Correspondence
4) Manager’s Reports
5) Lakefront Plan
6) New Business
7) Adjourn

Discussions/Decisions Made:

1) The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m.

2) The Committee approved the minutes of February 15, 2010 by general consent.

3) Under Communications and Correspondence, Commissioner Miller stated he has been contacted by a number of people who are once again asking for an indoor lap pool. Commissioner Crowley suggested this be discussed under New Business.

4) In Manager’s Reports, Holly Specht reported the contracts were mailed for the Sailing Beach and the lottery had been held on Saturday, March 6. To date, 371 boats have been renewed for the year which is an increase of six compared to the same time last year. The numbers of Hobies are down and board boats and windsurfers are up. Staff anticipates they will receive a number of applications and renewals before the season starts. This year in lieu of tokens, the lakefront will be switching to a generic Park District pass and in 2011, they will be using the Park District universal photo ID for beach access. Staff continues to interview candidates for summer jobs. Commissioner Crowley asked if there were plans to expand the swimming beach again this year. Staff replied that money had not been included in the current budget for further expansion. Commissioner Murdock asked if food was allowed on the Sailing Beach. Staff replied that it is allowed at Sailing but not at the Swimming Beach. According to State Health Codes, food is not allowed on the swimming beach.

Jeff Groves reported Recreation staff is busy interviewing for summer employees which will continue through April. The number of applications continues to increase each year. Camp locations have been established with District 39. There will be
some construction at Central but the only camp there this summer will be basketball and they will be limited to the gymnasium. In Sports, Sunday basketball ends next Sunday with a total of 450 participants this year. Saturday Basketball ends March 20 with 610 participants. There are 1,465 children enrolled in Spring Soccer which begins on Saturday, April 24. Currently, Seussical the Musical is running in the Children’s Theater. One additional show was added for each of the two weekends because of the demand. The four shows were all sold out the first weekend and tickets sales are excellent for the second weekend.

5) Superintendent Lambrecht presented a proposed schedule for the second phase of the Lakefront Planning process which would begin with the formation of a Lakefront Commission at the end of the summer. As had been discussed earlier, Terry Porter has agreed to serve as Chairman. The rest of the Commission would be made up of two Village representatives (one elected and one staff), representatives of various other stakeholders such as the Wilmette Harbor, Sheridan Shores, MWRDG and the Coast Guard. Other people recommended to participate by JJR would be representatives from regulatory agencies, state and federal representatives, and members of the public.

Executive Director Grisamore reported that staff has been maintaining a file of names of people who have expressed interest in participating. Commissioner Graham stated he wants to make sure we get a good cross section of people involved in the process and that we also provide adequate notification to the general public when the meetings begin in the fall. Staff stated that when the original timetable was drawn up, the hearing process was supposed to begin this spring but it was the feeling of some Board member that we wait until fall so that the summer’s usage is fresh in everyone’s minds. The process will begin in September and is currently slated to wrap up in early 2011. Along the way, there will be at least four meetings for the public to provide their suggestions and input. Commissioner Miller stated that some Park Board members have been through this type of process before with the Community Recreation Center, Family Aquatic Center, Mallinckrodt Park and Golf Course Clubhouse projects. Commissioner Graham emphasized that we need to make sure we gather input from everyone in the Village.

Commissioner Crowley added that Mallinckrodt was the result of a grass roots organization approaching the Park Board. In the case of the Lakefront, we know there are number of items that need to be taken care of such as roads, drainage, walkways and the beach house as a start. Executive Director Grisamore stated that staff is currently developing costs for a number of those items for informational purposes for the Park Board. Commissioner Crowley stated it is certainly the intention of the Board to make sure everyone who is interested is involved in the hearing process. The Lakefront is probably the most valuable asset the Park District has and the intent of the planning process is to make sure it remains that way for future generations.
6) Under New Business, Commissioner Miller reported he had been contacted by a number of people asking that a lap pool be added at the Community Recreation Center and be made available as part of the Fitness Center. Staff reported that as part of the Platform Tennis Survey, there were a number of people who had made that same suggestion. After some discussion, staff was directed to develop some costs for construction and determine what the potential revenue and fees might be if the project were built.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:46 p.m.

Minutes taken by Bill Lambrecht