Date: October 18, 2010   Place: Park District Conference Room

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Commissioners:  Brault; Crowley; Murdock
Staff: Lambrecht; Bingham; Groves; Specht; Grisamore; Wilson; Bowen
Topics for Discussion:

1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of minutes
3) Communications and Correspondence
4) Manager’s Reports
5) Proposed 2011 Corporate Fund Budget
6) Proposed 2011 Lakefront Budget
7) Proposed 2011 Recreation Fund Budget
8) Old Business
9) New Business
10) Adjourn

Discussions/Decisions Made:

1) The Committee approved the minutes of October 18, 2010 by General Consent.

2) Under Communications and Correspondence:

• The Committee reviewed an e-mail from Alice Magos thanking the Meskill Center and Edens Bank for hosting the shred event in September.

3) Under Manager’s Reports, Holly Specht reported staff had finished cleaning the beach house and the offices were closed for the year. There were a number of events in Gillson Park during the last month. St. Francis held a Fun Run, New Trier Cross Country had a “CarboFest” in the shelter with about 200 people in attendance, the Boy Scouts held an awards ceremony, St. Joseph’s held a Fun Run, and The Community Church hosted an event. The sailing beach closed on October 17. To date, 113 catamarans and 110 mono-hull boats have signed up for winter storage. All of the power boats have been serviced and have been stored for the winter. The weather this past summer was excellent. The Committee asked if there was comparable year to 2010. Staff replied that 2007 was the latest year that compared well to this year’s weather.

Jeff Groves reported winter classes began today. There were still a number of people registering at the last minute for classes, especially gymnastics. Soccer and flag football are done for the year and Tackle football is almost completed. Teams have not done well but it seems the offense is finally coming together. Beauty in the Beast just completed two weekends of sold-out performances. Halloween Happening will be held this Friday, October 22, at the Community Recreation Center (CC) and staff has been busy decorating the facility for the event.

4) The Committee reviewed the Proposed 2011 Corporate Fund Budget. Superintendent Lambrecht stated the budget reflects the standardized increases set by the Financial Planning Committee. The estimated yearend numbers of note were the reduction in overtime that was achieved. Fuel costs are up due to fluctuating fuel prices. Commissioner Murdock asked why the Miscellaneous Equipment list indicated past years as the date for the equipment to be replaced. Staff replied these dates were the result of the Fixed Asset Inventory done a number of years ago. Staff was directed to change the heading on the column. Commissioner Brault asked if the Vattmann Park Tot Lot had been done when the tennis courts were rebuilt since it is on the proposed capital project list. Staff replied that it had not been done at that time and it would be 20 years old in 2011. The Committee conducted a general review of the Capital Projects list. After some discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Corporate Fund Budget to the Park Board.

5) The Committee reviewed the Proposed 2011 Lakefront Budget. Staff pointed out to the Committee the cover memo which explained the standardized fee increases and salary and utility increases that were incorporated in the budget. Commissioner Murdock asked how often the beach parking lot filled. Staff replied that on weekends, especially Sundays, it was usually crowded by late morning. Over the course of the summer, the lot completely filled only two or three times. Commissioner Brault asked if staff could produce an analysis of users, specifically residents and non-residents and staff replied that could be done although the statistics may not be perfect since this was the first year with the new pass system and the data may not be complete. Staff went on to state that there would be a breakdown in the Lakefront Report to be presented at next month’s meeting.

Superintendent Bingham reported on the full transfers to the Capital Projects Fund and the Capital Reserve Fund. Commissioner Murdock asked why there was an exceptionally high increase in fees for the Aquatics Camp. Staff replied this was the first year of tracking the actual costs of camp and it was found that the fees were not covering the operational costs. Commissioner Crowley asked if staff knew of any other methods to move the boats at sailing. Staff replied that the Hobie Trax was the only method they knew of but they would investigate to determine what else might be available. Commissioner Brault asked if staff had ever thought of renting umbrellas and beach chairs. Staff replied that umbrellas had been rented in the past with limited success and there were issues with them being caught by the wind. After some discussion, staff stated they would review this issue again and investigate the cost of purchasing chairs and umbrellas. Commissioner Murdock asked why the increases in the Lakefront Manager’s Office looked so high in the Beach. Staff replied it was because of a reallocation with the elimination of Food Service. Staff reported there was one more year on the contract with the current vendor. There has been interest from another party in the Lakefront Food Service. There have been numerous complaints the last two years about the prices charged at the Lakefront. Staff reminded the Committee there was not much interest in the Beach Concession due to the size of the beach concessions and lack of equipment. 

After further discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Lakefront Budget to the Park Board.

6) The Committee next reviewed the Proposed 2011 Recreation Fund Budget. Staff
stated the programs reflect a 1.5% fee increase with some exceptions. Executive Director Grisamore stated that the tax receipts were down $105,000 in the proposed budget. Commissioner Brault asked why the fees for Tackle Football were going up so high. Staff replied it was due to the Park District purchasing and supplying helmets and shoulder pads to the participants and staff anticipates a three-year useful life. The equipment would be picked up at the end of every season and would be cleaned, inspected and repaired. After some discussion, staff was asked to further review the situation. The Committee did agree to leave the changes to the fees and the program in the budget for now including supplying the helmets and pads. The Committee asked if someone who purchased equipment in 2010 could use it in 2011. Staff stated that it would be part of the review and that they would come back with a final recommendation.

Commissioner Murdock asked if staff had found a way for making contributions to the Financial Assistance fund easier on the internet. Staff stated that it is supposed to be part of the next major upgrade to the software scheduled for 2011. Staff stated that District 39 is planning on charging tuition for full-day Kindergarten in 2011 and that staff is watching to see what happens there. It may present an opportunity for the Early Childhood Center. Staff also stated they have reduced the number of full day preschool classes to one. Commissioner Brault asked why some classes showed larger than 1.5% increases in the line items even though they were correct in the fee sheet. Staff’s response was that there are some programs where there has been increased participation and extra classes have been added.

The Committee asked if the boilers really needed to be replaced. Superintendent Lambrecht stated they are original to the building. Some emergency repairs were done to one boiler two years ago because it was badly leaking. They are both in bad condition and very inefficient. There was also discussion about the rooftop units. The unit for Fitness was replaced in 2010. Another replacement is scheduled for 2011 which covers a large part of the two-story building. There are 11 units in total on the roof and they are scheduled to be replaced over the next several years based on the amount they are used. The other capital expenditure discussed was replacing the carpet in Fitness. Staff is looking at options including rubber flooring which is better suited for the application.

After further discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Lakefront Budget including adjusted fees to the Park Board.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Minutes taken by Bill Lambrecht