Date:  November 22, 2010
Place: Park District Administration Offices
Time:  6:30 p.m.

Commissioners: D. Graham, D. Miller,  J. Brault
Staff:  S. Wilson, T. Grisamore
Guests:  B. Lambrecht, J. Bowen,  K. Bingham, M. Murdock, K. Eppelheimer
Agenda Topics:
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Fund Balances
3. Other Business
4. Old Business
5. New Business
Discussion Items:

1. The Committee approved the minutes of the October 11, 2010 Committee meeting by General Consent.

2. Staff presented to the Committee the 2010 tax levy. The Committee confirmed that the levy was the same as option 3 that was presented in previous meetings and in line with the Truth in Taxation Ordinance passed at the November Board of Park Commissioner’s meeting.  After a brief discussion, it was moved, seconded, and approved that the levy as presented to the Financial Planning and Policy Committee would be recommended to the Board of Park Commissioners for acceptance at the December Board Meeting.

3. Staff presented to the Committee a newly revised benefit time policy for review.  The policy had two changes added to it for discussion. The first was that the vacation time a person was allotted for a calendar year was earned and accrued monthly throughout the year versus fully earned on the first day of a calendar year. The second change was to clarify that an individual starts to accrue their sick time at their date of hire instead of at the end of their 90-day introductory period. Staff informed the Committee that this has always been the intent of the policy but adding the clarifying language will be helpful to settle any disputes moving forward. After brief discussion, the policy was approved by the Committee and will be recommended to the board at the December meeting.

4. Staff next presented the non-operating fund’s budgets. This includes the Bond and Interest Fund, the Liability Insurance Fund, the Policy Security Fund, the Audit Fund, the IMRF/Social Security Fund, and the Handicapped Recreation Fund. The Committee had brief discussions in regard to each fund and approved each fund as presented.

5. The Committee asked for any other, old, or new business.  As there was none, there was no further discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Minutes taken by S. Wilson.