Date: January 14, 2013   

Location: Park District Conference Room

Time: 8:23 pm

Commissioners:  Brault; Shelley; Crowley; Olvany; Benz; Graham; Murdock      
Staff: Lambrecht; Wilson; Eppelheimer; Bowen
Topics for Discussion:

1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Platform Tennis Facility Plan Update
3) New Business
4) Adjournment

Discussions/Decisions Made:
1) Chairman Brault called the meeting to order at 8:23 p.m.

2) Mr. Tom LaLonde and Steve Mihelich of Williams Architects were asked to review the updated plans for the platform tennis facility at West Park. Mr. LaLonde then reviewed the site plan. After discussion, the Committee agreed to eliminate the north walkway and wait to see what the future use patterns will be before determining if a walkway will be needed. Commissioner Brault asked if lighting will be installed along the path or in the parking area. Staff replied the court lighting will provide some ambient light but it will be reviewed to determine if it was needed. Some discussion followed about the size and elevations of the deck and a decision was made to increase the size of the south elevated deck to extend all the way to the southeast court.

Mr. LaLonde provided an overview of the warming hut. The elevated height had been reduced from two feet to one foot above the court level and includes two steps down including the upper deck. The Committee agreed to make the washrooms both unisex. There is one entrance door on the north and one on the south. There are also operable windows on the north and south walks to provide cross ventilation. The Committee asked that a drink rail be investigated and added. Commissioner Murdock thought the windows could be shrunk to save money. After discussion, the Committee decided to make the bottom of the windows 18 inches off the floor. They also discussed being able to reduce the number of support columns on the east and west walls to increase window viewing. After some discussion, it was agreed they will determine if that will work without causing wind load problems or having to add steel structure to the project.

Commissioner Brault asked if the contingency shown in the updated budget was enough. Mr. LaLonde replied that it was tight but they will hold the line. Commissioner Murdock asked what variances will be sought from the Village. Staff replied that the facility is a special use by itself. It also is an accessory structure. There will be a height variance sought as well as a special use for the court lighting.

Mr. Mihelich described the finishes for the building. The exterior will be low-maintenance, pre-finished cementitious products. The siding will be lapped siding and a product looking like shingles will be placed on the gable ends. The shingles will be a nice architectural grade shingle. The interior finishes consist of durable materials while still being attractive. There will be wood trim and some accents on the fireplace.

Commissioner Brault asked about the size of the basement. Mr. LaLonde replied the utility portion will include electrical service, water, fire sprinkler, furnace, lighting and heating controls for the courts (remotely controlled from upstairs). Commissioner Brault also asked about the storage and Mr. LaLonde replied there should be some storage for supplies. It became inexpensive space when the structural engineer required that a wall be built across the width of the building to carry the load of the wall above.

Following discussion, Mr. LaLonde reviewed the elements that the Committee had addressed:

• Eliminate the north walkway.
• Expand the elevated south deck to the southeast court.
• The two bathrooms should be unisex.
• The bottom elevation of the windows will be 18 inches.
• The windows will be “paired up” on the east and west walls with minimal posts if possible.
• A drink rail will be added along exterior walls.

After further discussion, Chairman Brault asked for a motion to approve that the plans proceed to the construction phase and be ready for the zoning application.

Commissioner Shelly moved to approve the motion, Commissioner Crowley seconded. The motion was approved 3 – 0.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Minutes taken by Bill Lambrecht.