Date:  January 12, 2013 

Place: Wilmette Golf Club

Time:   8:30 am

Commissioners: Crowley, Olvany, Shelly    
Absent:  None
Staff: Bowen, Matchen, Locke, Wilson, Eppelheimer
Visitors:  Brian Abbott, Tom Bonnie

Topics of Discussion
1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Communications and Correspondence
4) Managers Reports
5) Old Business
     a) User surcharge discussion
6) New Business
7) Additional Discussion
8) Adjournment

1) The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am.

2) The Committee approved the minutes of the December 8, 2012 Committee meeting by General Consent.

3) Under Communications and Correspondence, staff received a thank you letter from Tom Huestis regarding the golf course reconstruction and the removal of trees.

4) Under Managers Reports, Golf Club Manager Jamie Locke reported there were 746 rounds of golf played in December. The course was opened from March 7 to December 19 with a total of 41,984 rounds played. The holiday pro shop sales were down this year.

 General Manager Mike Matchen reported his crew has been working with the Parks Department and have removed 30 diseased ash trees from the course. Mike also reported that the bid documents for the reconstruction project are being prepared by the architect for review by Superintendent Lambrecht. These documents should be completed by the first week of February. Mike also noted that the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) has ruled this project does not need to be permitted through their organization.

5) Old Business:  User Surcharge Discussion

 Mike Matchen stated that at the last meeting the Committee asked staff to look at possible options for instituting a surcharge for each round of golf played to help offset the cost of the reconstruction project. Mike reported that one option which had been reviewed was to institute a flat fee for the unlimited golfers instead of a per-round charge. After some discussion, the Committee decided to implement a per round surcharge on each round of golf played starting when the course opens in 2014.

6) New Business: None
 There being no additional business, the Committee was adjourned at 9:10 a.m. 

Minutes taken by J. Bowen.