Date:  May 11, 2013 

Place: Wilmette Golf Club

Time:   8:30 am

Commissioners: Chair Crowley, Olvany
Absent: Commissioner Shelly
Staff: Wilson, Bowen, Eppelheimer, Matchen, Locke
Visitors: Bill Lemieux, Katie White (WGA President)
Topics of Discussion

1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
      a) April 13, 2013
3) Recognition of Visitors
4) Communications and Correspondence
5) Managers Reports
6) Old Business
7) New Business
8) Additional Discussion
9) Adjournment


1) The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am.

2) Committee Chair Crowley asked Superintendent Bowen to clarify for the Committee a few additions that were made to the minutes of the April 13, 2013 Committee meeting. He then asked Superintendent Bowen to review for the Committee what the additions were and how they would affect the minutes. Superintendent Bowen indicated that these minutes refer to the cost of the project with the reconstruction which eliminated the 9 tees. He then added some clarifying language to the minutes which include actually listing the 9 tees to include 1, 3, 11 12, 16 and 18 and that those dollar amounts were the same that were listed in the minutes.

 Chair Crowley moved and Commissioner Olvany seconded a motion to approve the April 13, 2013 minutes as amended and the motion was approved by the Committee. Chair Crowley then stated the minutes from this meeting will reflect the addition of the detailed information to what the Board had already approved. As a result, those who were not able to attend the meeting will be able to refer to these minutes to find out what had transpired and what had changed.

 By a voice vote, voting Yes – All; voting No – None. Motion carried.

3) Recognition of Visitors: None

4) Under Communications and Correspondence: None

5) Managers Reports: Golf Operations Manager Jamie Locke reported it has been a slow season so far related to rounds of play, mostly due to the weather. Total revenue at this time stands at $46,034 compared to last year at this time of $77,043. Revenue from green fees is at $84,310 compared to $135,235 at this time last year. Jamie also stated after he conducted a comparison review of total Monday rounds, the month of May in 2011 had 1,815 rounds, May of 2012 had 1,724 rounds, and 2013 had 6,041 rounds. He added that these totals were very similar for the month of May over the last three years.

 Pro shop sales are down about $15,000 compared to last year at this time. Currently, the Junior Golf Academy is doing very well. Jamie stated he also created a report which lists the number of participants in all of our group lessons and camps and as of May 1 there were 229 different junior golfers participating in our lessons and camps such as Tiny Aces and the Advanced Junior Group. There are five “demo days” scheduled and all of that information is posted on our web site.

 Jamie stated that this past Wednesday there was a good turnout for the free ladies clinics and 15 of our WGA members helped out. An intern has been hired for the summer months and his name is Ian Scott. Ian is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska of Omaha’s golf professional management program and has been doing a good job so far.

 On Wednesday, May 29, the US Women’s Amateur Club Links Qualifier will be held and 31 participants have signed up so far. This is also the second year that we have held this event. On Sunday, May 19, the course will host its annual Family Golf Clinic and Jamie will be sending out an email blast to promote the event. The Al McLean Championship will also be held at the course in June and this year we already have 192 golfers compared to last year’s total of 145. The IGPA began running this event for us a couple of years ago and it has been very successful.

 Jamie has also sent out an email blast to our membership that included links to all of our available information and a total of 1,992 people opened up the email which is good result.

 Golf General Manager Mike Matchen reported that outside the clubhouse everything is moving along well and the crew is cutting everything on a regular basis. Mike then presented a slide show which included photos of the floods that occurred on the course on April 18. Mike also indicated that the flood of September 2008 was much worse than the April 18th storm. He then presented some additional photos of the course including the first weekend of reserved time, the sod work being done on the 18th fairway, the new ninth green, and the matting out in front of #1.

 Commissioner Olvany asked if the turf was in good condition after the flooding and Mike replied that due to the air temperature being cooler as opposed to very hot there should not be any damage to the grass. Commissioner Olvany asked how other courses in the area were dealing with the water. Mike stated he knows that the Winnetka course had been closed.

 Mike stated that after the Committee and the Board approved the golf reconstruction project with the elimination of the nine tees, the architect and contractor realized that four of those tees had new drainage running through the tees. The contractor then worked with the architect to reduce the expense of the cart path improvements to allow for that additional work to take place on these four tees while still maintaining the approved overall dollar amount for the project.  Superintendent Bowen stated that originally the elimination of the nine tees produced a net credit of $77,723. After reducing the expense for the cart paths and increasing the expense for the additional work for tees, the net credit became $69,228 with the total expense of the project being reduced by a marginal amount.  Director Wilson stated the reason we were able to add four tees and cover that cost was because the contractor had worked within our numbers and was driving this effort because rerouting the drainage around the tees would be virtually impossible.

 Commissioner Olvany asked where everything currently stood in the process and Mike Matchen replied that Greg Martin should be receiving the contract from Wadsworth on Monday or Tuesday which he will then forward to us and which we will then forward to our attorney. Mike added that everyone is on board with the project and Wadsworth has been very engaged in the process and going “above and beyond” for the District.

 Mike Matchen then provided a summary of the bid for the Futera Matting which involves covering the seed beds and which was also one of the items we pulled out of the contract in order to save approximately $50,000 between materials and our labor to do the work as opposed to the contractor filling it in. Then we went out to bid on the matting itself and the bid from Clesen was the low bid at $35,344.66. The other item is that that this 13¾ acres worth of matting that we will be putting down on seed beds will be done in all areas which is required by the permitting process based on any slopes. As a result, these slopes that are located in these flood plains and ways are going to have matting which the permitting agencies required.

 Commissioner Crowley stated the original contract was for $104,000 and the materials totaled $38,000 but we will be getting it for $35,000. The real savings will be our own labor as opposed to contracted labor. Mike added that the other part of this bid is that they would also provide us with the same price if we chose to add on and/or need more materials although it would be a smaller order. Staff hopes to continue to purchase it at the same price no matter how much the order is.

 Commissioner Crowley moved and Commissioner Olvany seconded a motion to recommend to the full Board the approval of the bid from Arthur Clesen, Inc., Wheeling, Illinois, to supply 66,625 square yards of matting and 75 boxes of biospikes in the amount of $35,344.66.

 By a voice vote, voting Yes – All; voting No – None. Motion carried.

6) Men’s Club President Bill Lemieux stated that their Greens Committee had met with Mike Matchen to review the renovation plans and he feels that the results of this project will be terrific. He also thanked the Park Commissioners and everyone at the Park District for their support which the Men’s Club has received beginning in 2009 up to this point in time. Chair Crowley replied that Mr. Lemieux has also been a very positive presence throughout this process and the Committee then thanked him for his support.

7) The Regular Committee meeting adjourned to Closed Session at 9:05 a.m.

8) The Regular Committee meeting reconvened at 9:35 am and the Committee returned to Open Session.

9) Commissioner Crowley moved and Commissioner Olvany seconded a motion to approve the Closed Session Minutes of the April 8, 2013 meeting.
 By a voice vote, voting Yes – All; voting No – None. Motion Carried.

There being no additional business, the Committee was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.