Date: October 21, 2013  

Location: Community Recreation Center – Room 107

Time: After Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting (8:22 p.m.)

Commissioners: Chair Benz, Abbott
Staff:  Wilson, Bingham, Bowen, Eppelheimer, Lambrecht, Specht
Visitors:  None
Topics for Discussion:
1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Communication and Correspondence
4) Recognition of Visitors
5) Manager’s Report
6) Capital Improvement Projects Review
7) Proposed FY 2014 Lakefront Budget
        a)  Recommended additional Fee Increases
        b)  Lakefront Fee History/Comparison
8) Old Business
9) New Business
        a)  New Trier Girls Swim & Dive Team Banquet – Waiving of Parking Fees
10)  Adjournment

Discussions/Decisions Made:

1) The meeting was called to order at 8:22 p.m.

2) The Committee approved the minutes of the September 3, 2013 Committee Meeting by general consent.

3) The Committee reviewed a letter from Laura Hine relative to moving the SUP storage racks closer to the water’s edge. Staff stated that they are opposed to doing this based on high water levels especially during storms. It could cause more problems than getting the boats to the water.

The Committee reviewed an email from Glen Noren with recommendations of items to include in the master plan. The Committee asked that Executive Director Wilson thank Mr. Noren for his input and indicate that they will be included in the process.

4) Under Manager’s Reports, Holly Specht reported that Sailing had closed for the year and staff is organizing the boats and storing items for the winter. Commissioner Benz asked about the abandoned boats that were at the beach. Staff located the owners they could locate and the rest that were badly damaged were disposed of. Ms. Specht reported that there are ten rentals in Lakeview during this month.

5) The Committee reviewed the Capital Improvement Projects for the Lakefront. There being no questions, the meeting continued.

6) The Committee reviewed the Proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Lakefront Budgets. Commissioner Abbott stated he was good with the proposed changes in Daily Fees. Commissioner Benz asked what was included in the various revenue types and staff replied that Fee Revenues were for camps and classes and Memberships were for season pass sales.

7) Superintendent Bingham went on to report that the budget reflects a 3.5% increase as a result of growth in revenues. This is due mostly to a typical weather year since 2013 was a poor year. Staff is also showing a 6.7% increase in rental revenues due to an increase in the number of SUP storage. Fee revenues were up significantly this year due to an “explosion” in the Aquatics Camp and Junior Lifeguard program. Miscellaneous revenues are up due to income from the Triathlon and reimbursement from the Village for the services supplied at Elmwood Dunes. The Village was very satisfied with these services that the District provided.

8) Executive Director Wilson added that everything worked out successfully. However, if we get a better weather year more hours may be needed to patrol that property. Commissioner Benz commented that between the neighbors there was a large amount of rope fencing installed which undoubtedly makes it difficult for the beach cleaner to work there.

9) Commissioner Abbott asked if the staff could provide a recap of the summer at our next meeting relative to Elmwood Dunes. Commissioner Benz asked that the staff get a copy of the plans for Elwood Dunes and provide it to our consultants. Staff also stated that they will review it to determine if it would fit in well with what the consultants are providing to us since it had not been part of the discussions up to now.

After further review, Commissioner Benz stated that he felt the budget looked good. Commissioner Abbott asked if there was money in this budget for marketing the Master Plan. Executive Director Wilson replied that the Master Plan is a Corporate project, not a Lakefront Project, so marketing would come from Corporate Budgets. After further discussion, the Committee decided unanimously to recommend the Proposed 2014 Lakefront Budget as presented to the Park Board for approval.

10) Superintendent Bingham presented a chart that included an historical reference of Lakefront Fees and how they compare to other communities. She explained that memberships are recommended to go up 2% but there is a change in Daily Fees. Commissioner Benz reflected on how weather plays such a significant role. Commissioner Abbott asked if the Lakefront covers all operational costs. Executive Director Wilson explained that their contribution to the Capital Fund and Administrative overhead doesn’t always cover all their costs. However, those costs can be lower some years and higher others. Superintendent Lambrecht added that the labor for facility repairs at the Lakefront, like all of our facilities, is carried within the Parks & Planning Budget. That budget also covers all of the maintenance costs for the lakefront parks except for beach cleaning. Park staff does all of the park clean-up and other maintenance duties.

11) The Committee discussed the request to waive the fees for parking in the Beach Parking lot for the New Trier Girls Swim and Dive teams on December 3rd. The event is being held at Michigan Shores. After some discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to waive the fees.

12) Under Old Business, The Committee asked what the status was of the Lakefront Master Plan. Executive Director Wilson stated that the consultants are working hard to have the plan ready for next month. Due to time constraints, they will not have detailed costs for that meeting. Commissioner Benz asked if any materials would be available prior to the meeting for their review or for distribution. Staff replied that they would discuss it with the consultants.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Minutes taken by Bill Lambrecht