May 12, 2014
6:30 p.m.
Village Hall Training Room


Commissioners: James Brault, Shelley Shelly, Amy Wolfe, Gary Benz, Bryan Abbott

Brad Smith, Brian Udany

Superintendent Jeff Bowen, Superintendent Ken Eppelheimer, Sean Flynn, Darrell Smith, Cindy Felicicchia

Meeting  Called to Order
Commissioner Brault called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
Commissioner Shelly moved and Commissioner Wolfe seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the April 14, 2014 committee meeting. All approved by general consent.

Communications and Correspondence
Commissioner Brault commented on an email received on a job well done.

Commissioner Brault commented on an email he received from Dennis McBride regarding doors being ajar. Commissioner Brault gave Sean the email to look into these comments.

Recognition of Visitors

Managers Reports
Tennis Manager Darrell Smith reported on the following topics:

  • Court lottery held, 136 courts reserved; numbers will be higher once we get closer to fall. Accomplished goal of filling more morning and evening times.
  • Singles sign up went well, 40 signed up.
  • Enrollment for campers is 447 with a waitlist of 38; slots still available for the afternoon in Junior Excellence camp.
  • Just finished our women’s travel leagues. C team got 1st place and the AB got 2nd place.
  • Hosted a luncheon at Michigan Shores for 109 people. Commissioner Wolfe remarked it was a great luncheon.

Pool/Risk Manager Brian Udany (Absent), Superintendent Bowen reported on the following topics:

  • Interviews still ongoing for the last hires of lifeguards and maintenance.
  • Staff orientation is Monday, May 19th.
  • Pool pass sales are down about 472 from last year.
  • Preseason opening is May 24th. Regular season starts June 14th.

Ice Rink Manager Sean Flynn reported on the following topics:

  • Public skate numbers are up this year.
  • Ice show starts this weekend. Tickets still available. Sales down about 50 tickets comparatively to last year at this time.
  • Spring session has been the busiest in 10 years. 100 more people signed up in hockey and figure skating.  Commissioner Brault asked what would contribute to that. Sean Flynn stated that the Olympic bump helps to market and motivate. Also, the colder weather lasted longer.
  • Hockey Look-Up Line – Commissioner Brault stated it would be a terrific addition with very little downside. Look-up Line for the ice rink. Commissioner Brault asked Sean Flynn what his thoughts were he stated that if USA Hockey does not require it the District’s rink could suffer ice time due to certain USA Hockey events not wanting to use the District’s rink. This is going before the USA Hockey Board on June 5th/6th depending on how they vote the committee will review their decision and report at the next meeting.
  • Commissioner Wolfe questioned if the District requires the children to wear safety helmets. Sean Flynn commented that we don’t require them but we high encourage them.
  • Polina Edmunds, 2014 United States Olympic Figure Skater was practicing at Centennial Ice Rink. Commissioner Shelly commented that her family went to see her and got autographs. Sean Flynn stated the District got a few articles written in regards to this.
  • The chilling system is working well right now.

Platform Tennis Manager Brad Smith (Absent), Superintendent Bowen reported on the following topics:

  • Sparse class enrollment for summer right now.
  • Potentially looking into a new security keyless entry feature for off hours. People who make reservations to use the courts will be provided a pass code for entry of the building.
  • A maintenance schedule is in place for courts to make sure they are cleaned periodically.

Old Business

New Business
Superintendent Bowen reported that on May 13th it is the second anniversary of Terry Juliar’s untimely passing. In honoring him he will be inducted into the Ice Skating Institute Hall of Fame. Terry was one of the original charter members of the institute along with the Wilmette Park District. This was a great way for Terry to be recognized for his long service.

Adjournment to Closed Session
The Regular Committee meeting adjourned to Closed Session at 6:59 p.m.

Reconvene Regular Meeting
The Closed Session meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m. and the Committee returned to Open Session.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:12 p.m.