Lakefront Committee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 5, 2014
8:30 am 
Park District Administration Office


Commissioners/Committee: Chair Bryan Abbott, Gary Benz, John Olvany
Commissioners: James Crowley
Staff:  Steve Wilson, Kathy Bingham, Ken Eppelheimer, Shelagh Donoghue,
Cindy Felicicchia
Dave Olson and Dave Ridderhoff from W.B. Olson, Inc.
Bill Lambrecht, Holly Specht

I. Meeting Called to Order
Meeting called to order 8:00 a.m.

II. Approval of Minutes
     A. Commissioner Benz moved to approve the minutes from the May 5, 2014 committee meeting, Olvany seconded; all voted yes, the motion carried.
     B. Commissioner Olvany moved to approve the minutes from the May 5, 2014 Closed Session committee meeting, Benz seconded; all voted yes, the motion carried.

III. Communication and Correspondence
Commissioner Abbott acknowledged an email from Mary Shea complementing the District in regards to hiring a project manager to oversee the Lakefront Master Plan. Commissioner Benz remarked that there were a few non-factual statements in regards to Mary Shea’s letter; Commissioner Abbott agreed. Commissioner Abbott will respond to Ms. Shea’s email directly.

IV. Recognition of Visitors
Commissioner Abbott recognized Dave Olson and Dave Ridderhoff from W.B. Olson, Inc. who are in attendance to speak in regards to their conceptual estimate of the Lakefront Master Plan.

V. Manager’s Report
Superintendent Kathy Bingham reported on the following topics:

  • The last two weekends at the Lakefront went well with no rain and good starting crowds that were manageable.
  • The water temperature was 56 degree and getting warmer.
  • Director Wilson stated that the District’s beach is one of the only District’s that take daily logs on water temperature, air temperature, wind speed and wave height. This allowed the District to look back and see that the water temperature was actually 3 degrees warmer compared to the past couple of years on the first day of opening.
  • Camps are starting on June 16th.

Commissioner Olvany commented on police activity at the lakefront and asked if there was a log of incidents. Director Wilson stated that the police have started off with a heavier than normal presence due to the colder spring weather and delayed park activities. Director Wilson stated there is no formal log, but he does get updates from the Chief of Police on a regular basis. Superintendent Bingham commented that the park staff will oversee any issues that may arise and get management involved when necessary.

VI. Lakefront Master Plan
Dave Olson informed the committee that W.B. Olson was hired to put a budget together based on the concept that was developed for the Lakefront Master Plan. Mr. Olson stated that W.B. Olson looks at the budget along with their experiences to put together costs that may not be apparent. He stated that they use historical data from past projects to make assumptions, and also spend time with staff and the design team in order to vet those assumptions. Mr. Olson stated that they have allocated money for everything they have anticipated and the designers have anticipated. Commissioner Olvany questioned unit price. Mr. Olson stated unit price is based on all subcomponents of the process and an all-inclusive price which is easier to keep track of in the spending process.

Dave Olson commented on items that should be considered, such as, whether to pave over existing roads or should the roads be totally replaced. Mr. Olson suggested we take boring samples of soil and concrete in a number of locations. Commissioner Benz asked about concrete cost and asphalt cost differences. Dave Ridderhoff from W.B. Olson stated that asphalt is $30-$35 a yard and concrete is probably double that. Mr. Olson’s recommendation in regards to restoration or replacement of the roads will be based on further investigation of soil and concrete borings. Mr. Olson stated that the next step would be for the engineers to analyze those borings in order to come up with a pavement recommendation. Commissioner Benz asked about the length of time the boring process would take. Mr. Olson stated 6-8 weeks with the cost being more than $3,000 but less than $8,000.

Mr. Olson commented on discussions he had with Superintendent Lambrecht regarding leaving the current roadway lighting.  Mr. Olson stated that the poles and foundations are in good shape. Commissioner Abbott stated that staff recommends eliminating the roadway lighting as outlined until a later date.

Commissioner Benz asked about the curbs. Mr. Olson stated they would be replaced. Commissioner Abbott discussed the parking area at the beach. He stated that the parking lot and curbs will be refurbished. Mr. Olson stated that their thoughts were to patch the parking lot which looks to be in pretty good shape. Commissioner Olvany commented on the parking lot being a big area of change. Mr. Olson stated that they are not proposing any change to the topography of the lot as proposed by JJR. What they are proposing is if the base of the existing asphalt is adequate they would saw cut the rest and add on to it to match the JJR design. The aesthetics would not be affected by this change. Commissioner Olvany questioned why W.B. Olson’s numbers were 1 million higher if what we are talking about is using the existing. Mr. Ridderhoff stated it would be for a new parking lot. He stated that JJR’s estimate for a new parking lot is $467,000. Mr. Olson stated that the reason is the unknown of what is under the existing pavement and we will know more when the borings are complete.

Commissioner Olvany asked about the Lakeview Center and the significant differences in numbers with JJR and W.B. Olson. Director Wilson commented on the number that JJR gave. He stated that $425,000 was for the elevator portion and expansion of the building. He stated that discussions were held without JJR and numbers were thrown around for about $500,000 for internal renovations. Director Wilson stated that he took those numbers and added them together with a buffer of $25,000; therefore we cannot hold JJR responsible for that number. Mr. Olson commented on his experience and stated that when all the codes kick in it adds a fair amount of money to the upgrade and refurbishment of existing buildings. Costs include electrical and an upgrade of fire alarms and sprinklers.

Commissioner Abbott asked about the water main cost.  Mr. Olson pointed out the water main details are things that we do not know today until investigative work is complete. Mr. Olson stated they are being prudent with unit costs at this point because of the unknowns.

Commissioner Abbott asked about electrical feeds. Mr. Ridderhoff mentioned there will be electrical service to the beach house which will supply power to the sailing facility. The feeds for the phone, cable, and TV typical run conduit out to a certain point for them to feed the building.  Commissioner Abbott asked about phone data being wireless. Director Wilson stated that the District’s networks both at the beach house and sailing facility are a wireless bridge from Lakeview. He stated the District would like to do away with that as part of the construction. Mr. Ridderhoff stated that the electrical is a big concern. He suggested having some preliminary meetings with ComEd and Nicor.

Commissioner Abbott inquired about the french drains and questioned their removal if they are working? Commissioner Benz asked about jetty refurbishment and using runoff washout. Mr. Olson stated he would bring these concerns back to the designers. Committee agreed to discuss this further. Mr. Olson stated there are a number of things that could be done.

Commissioner Abbott asked about the recommendation to replace all water lines in the park to upgrade all the fire hydrants for $290,000. Commissioner Abbott stated to revisit this area with Superintendent Lambrecht and JJR.

Commissioner Abbott asked about the pavilions and their cost. Mr. Olson stated that when pavilions are attached to buildings they typically have fire sprinklers, electricity, antifreeze system, and architectural enhancements to make it compatible with the building. Commissioner Abbott stated that $300,000 was for pavilion costs and another $153,000 for deck and foundation. Mr. Olson stated that as a rule of thumb they usually take between one-half and two-thirds of the cost of buildings and put it into these covered areas.

Commissioner Olvany asked about community outreach with the Lakefront Master Plan. Director Wilson stated that renderings from JJR are coming within the next week or two. Communication Manager Shelagh Donoghue has been working on using big boards with designs displayed throughout facilities along with other ideas to get the information out. Commissioner Olvany and Benz asked about having Lakefront Master Plan renderings in the park district’s tent at the 4th of July weekend festivities, Shelagh agreed and also suggested having boards displayed at certain events within the community; such as farmers market. Director Wilson stated that the community outreach will launch on July 3rd.

Commissioner Abbott asked about the ornamental fencing. Superintendent Bingham stated it replaces the chain-link fencing.

Commissioner Abbott asked about bioswale pricing. Mr. Olson stated that you could probably swap out the piping for plant material options which would save money. Commissioner Abbott stated that this discussion will continue in regards to drainage and bioswales.

Commissioner Abbott commented on the sanitary lift for the bathrooms. W.B. Olson recommended that it be kept in the project.

Commissioner Abbott commented on Langdon ground retention of $108,000. Mr. Olson stated that the retaining wall would be a permanent wall not temporary.

Commissioner Abbott commented on the ramp stair combo. Director Wilson stated that the ramp is strictly for emergency vehicles not ADA assessable. Mr. Olson stated this is a more cost effective way to go with the ramp stair combo.

Mr. Olson stated that the next meeting should be moving towards the design contingency stage. Director Wilson asked Mr. Olson, during this stage of the budget process what is the typical design contingency. Mr. Olson stated usually between 10-20%.  Commissioner Abbott stated that someone needs to set the scope and decide where to go. Mr. Olson stated it would be JJR.

VII. Old Business

VIII. New Business

IX. Adjournment
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 10:24 am.

Minutes taken by Cindy Felicicchia