Wilmette Park District
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
6:30 p.m. – Community Recreation Center

Attendees Present

Commissioners: President James Crowley, John Olvany, Gary Benz, James Brault, Shelley Shelly, Bryan Abbott and Amy Wolfe

Staff: Steve Wilson, Jeff Bowen, Ken Eppelheimer, Kathy Bingham, Bill Lambrecht
Cindy Felicicchia

Attendees Absent


I. Meeting  Called to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

II. Communications and Correspondence


III. Recognition of Visitors


IV. New Business

A. 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Plan
Commissioner Crowley asked Superintendent Eppelheimer to brief the Committee on the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Superintendent Eppelheimer stated the development of the Capital Plan happens over the course of the year as facilities experience issues or resolutions to problems that arise out of operating: 22 Buildings at 7 Major Parks with 395,000 square feet of covered space on 324 acres of property. He stated that staff provided the Administration staff an outline of projects in August developing a draft five year plan.  This was reviewed and formed a base that was presented to the Financial Planning & Policy Committee in September to give a general cost size with the Annual Budget development. The Staff provided each Operating Committee information on capital projects that affected their facilities and operations during the Budget Review. There are 56 items in the 2015 CIP and 180 across the next five years. We have added addendum pages A & B that provide a view of each year’s plan at a percentage of the dollars allocated. The green bar is a summary of projects by each Park Site starting on page 4. Starting on page 14 are project descriptions of each project proposed over the next five years.  This is an active plan to help assure the Park District’s assets are maintained in a matter that our patrons have become accustomed to as they visit our parks and facilities.

Superintendent Eppelheimer stated that Staff has worked hard maintaining cost control over the five year plan as well as the current year (2014) capital plan.  Staff saw that 2014 revenues would not live up to the budget with facilities being off line longer than planned and a cool and wet summer.  The Staff deferred over $260,000 in capital projects during 2014 and plans to under spend the budget by over $400,000. He stated that Staff is very sensitive to the major project on the horizon, but still believe it is necessary to maintain existing facilities.  This plan without Lakefront or the Artificial Turf Field at West Park totals a little over $2 million of which will be funded through surplus and transfers from Operations.

Committee agreed to review and discuss page-by-page the Capital plan. Commissioner Olvany commented on computer hardware spending in comparison to computer software spending. He asked if the hardware costs should be coming down while software costs go up. Superintendent Eppelheimer stated that the replacements of PC’s are being spread across several years to assure technology does not get behind.  The staff is reviewing older equipment to identify using in lower impact areas. Replacements will become more frequent to keep all users on a standard platform yet we expect replacements will become less expensive as technology expands. FY 2015 includes two server replacements for a newer version of RecTrac, PC replacements and tablets for the Commissioners.

Commissioner Brault asked if the referendum does not pass what the District’s cash flow look likes for 2015. Director Wilson stated he would defer the Lakefront. He stated it is a one for one wash between referendum and Lakefront costs. Director Wilson stated to take out bonds and construction costs with the exception of design costs. Director Wilson asked Superintendent Bingham to reflect on what changes that pertain to work she made on the budget for 2015. Superintendent Bingham stated the District has been conservative on fees and daily fees. Director Wilson stated that rentals were lower due to Lakeview closing and not being available for a full year.

Commissioner Crowley commented on the tablets. Committee agreed this would save on paper and time. Director Wilson commented on wireless capabilities which will be available District-wide throughout all the facilities with the exception of the pool deck.

Commissioner Shelly questioned pool vacuums and the replacement of five for 2015. Director Wilson stated the vacuums are in pretty bad shape. She asked if the cost could be spread out through the years. Director Wilson stated the Staff will review the spread.

Commissioner Shelly commented on seal coating and how often that needs to be done. Director Wilson stated that seal coating maintenance prevents major parking lot renovations later.

Commissioner Brault asked about the diving boards. Director Wilson stated they were the competitive diving boards. The costs were not much different and individuals requested the competitive boards.

Commissioner Abbott asked about the paging and security system at Ice and Tennis. Superintendent Bowen stated that the system is the original system which is forty years old.

Commissioner Shelly questioned the furniture replacement of $20,000 for Tennis in 2017. She feels Paddle needs to be looked at for the furniture. Commissioner Wolfe stated that the tennis area does need some work.

Director Wilson stated the installation of room partitions for the Community Recreation Center will allow larger rooms (103 and 107) to be divided down into smaller spaces offering more rentals and programming opportunities. The division of rooms is subject to exits and other safety issues.

Superintendent Bingham stated that plans are underway to redesign the layout of the gymnastics space. This area will be closed during spring break for the work.  The exercise floor will also be replaced at this time. Director Wilson stated this widely held program is monitored to see what is needed regularly.

Superintendent Bingham commented on the fitness area of 20 year old technology which is far behind the curve. She stated that fitness is very sensitive to changes in the industry. She stated that people who visit the club are not impressed with the equipment. These changes need to take place if fitness is to run as a full service facility.

Commissioner Wolfe asked about shelter for the area for the guards that are closer to the beach by sailing. She stated getting them something that would fit into the setting. Superintendent Bingham will look into this and bring the suggestion up to staff. Superintendent Bingham stated that the umbrellas in the budget for 2015 are for replacements for guard stations as they get pretty beat up. The umbrellas seem to have a two year life span.

Director Wilson commented on the Green Bay Bike trail which the District is seeking grant money for. He stated that the tree replacement program at Mallinckrodt consists of replacing infected trees.

Commissioner Shelly commented on the furniture at Paddle. She suggested a railing around the perimeter with high bar stools to view courts. Commissioner Brault suggested starting on one side to try it out. Director Wilson stated that staff will look into this going into 2016. He stated that staff will price some options out.

Director Wilson stated that ADA Accessibility is not all at West Park; it is District wide of $100,000 per year. He stated there is a lot of work to be done throughout the facilities and meeting the requirements.

Commissioner Shelly commented on Greens Fan for #14. The Committee discussed whether the greens fan is needed. Commissioner Crowley would like to get someone in with authority to review this area. Superintendent Bowen will address this with the turf advisor. Committee liked the idea of cross country skiing at the golf course.

Superintendent Eppelheimer reviewed the Source and Use of Funds for the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This shows if we take out the targeted fund balance reserves of $2.9 million, the plan can still be achieved. The available funds actually should grow over the next several years as all the facilities and programs will be back on line after a series of renovations and improvements.  The overall ending fund balance is projected at approximately $3.3 million.

V. Adjournment

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 7:52 p.m.