Wilmette Park District
Minutes of Regular Meeting of the
Board of Park Commissioners
Monday, December 8, 2014
7:30 p.m. – Village Hall Council Chambers

Attendees Present

Commissioners: President James Crowley, John Olvany, Gary Benz, James Brault, Shelley Shelly, Bryan Abbott and Amy Wolfe

Secretary/Executive Director Stephen Wilson
Superintendents: Jeff Bowen, Ken Eppelheimer, Kathy Bingham, Bill Lambrecht
Staff: Shelagh Donoghue, Cindy Felicicchia

Attendees Absent


I. Public Meeting Called to Order

President Crowley called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. and stated that the meeting would begin with the 2014 Truth-in-Taxation public hearing.

A. 2014 Proposed Tax Levy
Commissioner Crowley called on Superintendent Eppelheimer to explain the reasons for the levy and any proposed increases. Superintendent Eppelheimer stated that the Tax Levy Public Hearing was published on November 27, 2014 in the Wilmette Beacon. The tax levy comprises of different types of taxes: tax capped amounts, non-tax capped amounts and amounts derived from funding ordinances such as debt issuance. $ 1,780,495  for General Corporate purposes, such as Park Maintenance and Administration Support; 300,000 for Recreation purposes, such as special events and no fee based or free recreation activities; 635,000 for Social Security Tax purposes, to fund the employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare; 865,000 for Illinois Municipal Retirement purposes, to fund the District’s portion of the pension plan; 73,900 for Security purposes, to fund a portion of security and police aides at various parks and events (specifically Gillson); 625,000 for Liability Insurance purposes, to fund the District’s risk management program including property and liability insurance and workers’ compensation claims; and 25,000 for Auditing purposes; to fund the annual review of the District’s accounting records and preparation of the audit report. He stated these make up the aggregate tax levy which is capped at the lower of 5% or Consumer Price Index from the prior year; that being 1.5% for the 2014 Tax Levy, an increase of $63,612, for a total of $4,304,395. The Non-Tax Capped funds include special recreation for the handicapped and debt service.     $610,000 for Special Recreation purposes, which funds the District’s contribution to the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association and fees to provide people with special needs an opportunity to participate in the District’s programs.  It also funds some of the District’s costs for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The District had an ADA audit of its facilities and continues to make improvements to allow better accessibility for all people. Superintendent Eppelheimer stated that this brings the 2014 sub-total levy to $4,914,395 or an increase of 1.04% from the 2013 extended levy. He indicated that the District will levy: $3,617,822 for Principal and Interest payments on Bond Indebtedness, to retire debt issued as part of its funding of capital improvements.  These are bond ordinances on file, or will be on file, with the Cook County Clerk’s Office. All totaled, the 2014 levy is $8,532,217, an increase of $12,496 from the 2013 extended levy or a 0.15% increase. 

Commissioner Crowley asked all persons desiring to be heard will now have an opportunity to present written or oral testimony with respect to the 2014 proposed tax levy. He asked if there are any written or oral comments from the Commissioners. Commissioner Crowley asked if there are any written or oral comments from the public. Mark Weyermuller, 208 Lawndale commented on payments on the bond issues. He stated it is odd that we are still paying off other bond issues and talking about more bonds coming up. He stated he has concerns about the Park District finances. He is surprised that with the amount of people at this meeting they are not more concerned about the current levy going up. He stated that it is a lot of money and an increase in his tax bill. He ended by stating that he is very concerned about the levy right now. Dietrich Gross, 769 Michigan Avenue stated that he would like to have all copies of all meeting protocol over the last year or longer dealing with Gillson Park. As well as all price calculations, balance sheets and expenditure on each component of Gillson Park.

Commissioner Crowley asked to adjourn the 2014 Truth In Taxation public hearing of the Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Olvany moved and Commissioner Shelly seconded; all voted yes, the motion carried.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

Commissioner Crowley called the December 8, 2014 Regular Meeting to order at 7:41 p.m. Roll call taken and a quorum was established.

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Commissioner Shelly moved to approve the minutes from the Regular Board Meeting of November 10, 2014 and Commissioner Abbott seconded; all voted yes, the motion carried.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

III. Communications and Correspondence

Commissioner Crowley commented on the number of emails that came in regarding Langdon and the Lakefront Master Plan. He pointed out he tried to reach out to everyone and apologized if he missed someone.

IV. Recognition of Visitors

Commissioner Crowley acknowledged all visitors and welcomed their input. Commissioner Crowley stated that a number of residents who are unable to be in attendance tonight have emailed him over the weekend with thoughts, suggestions and concerns about the Lakefront Project. He tried to respond to every one, so that people knew that their email had been received. Every comment is taken seriously along with everyone’s thoughts and needs. He went on to state that the results of the lakefront plan came from input given to the Board not only the Lakefront Committee, but from many other residents as well. It is the aggregate of all the suggestions we received over the last six years. The information used for the final drawings came from residents to the Board and then on to the consultants. This is contrary to comments made last Wednesday that the consultant’s made all the decisions. They didn’t tell us what should be, we told them what the community’s input was. If I were sitting in the audience with you tonight I would be asking the question why? So I will attempt an answer. In regards to Gilson Park: The Bath House is 42 years old, has significant plumbing problems, some structural issues and is past the point of band aid fixes. Walls are cracked and the roof beams are rotten. The roads built in the early 1900’s are in dire need of replacement in many places has collapsed with resulting flooding from major rain events.  The Sailing Shack was built as a temporary structure 35 years ago and was never meant to be a permanent structure. The traffic pattern congestion creates hazardous conditions for everybody, cars, walkers, bikes, mom’s with strollers. The pedestrian flow at Lakeview Center needs to be ADA compliant so we have to put in an elevator. A shade shelter, we’re smarter today about sun cancer than we were years ago when the original structure was built. Building material today are far superior to what they were back in 1972 so we expect a new building to last longer with less maintenance. As for Langdon Park: accessibility safer for people to get down the rocky path with a stairway, the bathrooms and Tot Lot to keep with our other playgrounds in similar size like Wheeler Park.

Commissioner Crowley commented on where the District is today. There are architectural drawings and concepts for replacement of needed assets. The Board has identified the costs involved for the project and researched the financing. The next step is discussing the possible split of the referendum question into two parts; one for Gilson and one for Langdon. He addressed the visitors stating that there will be differing views and opinions tonight. Commissioner Crowley asked the visitors to all be considerate of one another and to keep their comments to about three minutes. He encouraged everyone to speak keeping in mind that if you are going to say something similar or exactly similar to a prior speaker, recognize that is so and we can continue to move on to accommodate everyone who wants to speak.

Commissioner Crowley acknowledged the following visitors:
Diane Fisher, 827 Elmwood, Wilmette – She stated she would like to see two different referendum questions. She commented that in the final report of the Lakefront Planning Commission meeting a very minimal structure was asked for down at Langdon with small bathrooms. She thanked Board for allowing community to speak about this issue.

Tom Scanlan, 1005 Chestnut, Wilmette – He stated that 70 residents met with the Lakefront Committee on December 1, 2014 that oppose the Langdon portion of the Lakefront Master Plan. He asked the visitors for a show of hands on who is opposed to the current Lakefront Master Plan and proposed $14.5 million dollar referendum. He stated we are here to hope the Board will reconsider the size, the scope and the cost of the plan. He stated that the Lakefront Commission consisted of 14 members of the community who volunteered from 2010-2011 to provide guidance to the Wilmette Park District Commissioners with suggestions for Gillson and Langdon. The current Lakefront Committee consists of three members of the Board: Gary Benz, Bryan Abbott, and John Olvany. The SmithGroupJJR is a Chicago based consultant firm hired in 2008 by the Wilmette Park District. The Board has been misinformed as to the wishes of the Wilmette community with regards to the master plan. The outreach campaign did not effectively reach the community. It is clear from the agenda tonight that the Committee did not listen to the request to remove Langdon from the Lakefront Plan. The tactic of two referendums is an attempt to divide and conquer. This referendum is likely to go down the same path as the first New Trier referendum; in defeat. He asked the Board to reconsider the current plan. He added this is not an isolated message or reflection of the community, this is the community, and we are here.

Laurie Farrell, 857 Michigan Avenue, Wilmette – She asked if public safety and security have been addressed in order to accommodate a park that attracts more participation from the larger metro area. She went on to state some of the safety issues within the community. She commented that the expansion of lakefront offerings only invites a greater burden on the already busy police and fire departments. She stated that the price tag is too great for expansion.

Danielle Mergner, 1129 Romona, Wilmette – She stated that she is concerned with the $14.5 million price tag and New Trier just passing their referendum which will increase property taxes. She commented on other tax increases forthcoming. She added that the Lakefront Master Plan’s input has mostly been from staff and not tax payers. The Board is accountable to all tax payers and has an obligation to be responsible.

Commissioner Brault commented on the background of the financial aspects of the Plan. Commissioner Brault discussed some historical perspective on the Lakefront Master Plan. In 2004, the District had $39.9 million dollars in total debt outstanding.  To date, there is $19.9 million dollars in total debt outstanding. It was reduced by over 50% over the last 10 years. During this time period of the depression, the Park District invested in the community very significantly.

Commissioner Brault commented on the District’s remaining debt obligations. Over the last 10 years the District has refinanced virtually all of the outstanding debt. This structure was created because the District has known for the last 10 years that Gillson has been deteriorating. Therefore, the District has been planning on expenditure by structuring our debt on this basis to allow the District to create new debt and have an effect on payments that one might find surprising. The total payments on existing debt and proposed new debt combined decline over time. The way the District has been thinking about this referendum over the next five years with existing debt and proposed new debt service payments as well as an inflationary increase in the operational expenditures of the District and keep taxes flat; zero increase over the next five years. As the bond payments start to decline, the District might be able to decrease the tax payments. What is contemplated in the $14.5 million dollar overall referendum for the next five years is zero tax increase; inclusive of existing debt service payments, future debt service payments and operational expenditures of the District. The financial background of this plan is one that has been worked on for the past 10 years. This structure that is in place to date is a function of the District’s forward thinking of the plan.

Commissioner Brault commented on the recent ratings change for the District’s debt service. In 2009, that last time the District was rated it was an AAA rating. At that time, there was $9 million dollars of tax payer money sitting on the balance sheets. The Board discussed what the appropriate use of tax payer money is. It was decided that the better use of tax payer money was to invest it into the community by improving the golf course, renovated Centennial, built a paddle tennis facility the District took tax payer dollar and invested it into the community. The bond rating moving from AAA to AA1, same rating as the government, we did that with intention to invest in the community rather than keep tax payer dollars in the bank. We intend to propose how to fund it is based on this.

A resident asked about doing maintenance instead of a major renovation to the Lakefront and reducing taxes by doing it this way. He commented that the community will be taking a lot of tax hits which all add up. He encourages doing maintenance updates instead of a major renovation.

Amy Boyer, 1028 Sheridan, Wilmette – She thanked the District for considering splitting the referendum question. She commented on the lake levels and would like the District to reconsider putting any structure at Langdon. She handed out a flyer addressing this issue.

Commissioner Crowley stated that the Board is not trying to sell anything that it is only an informational gathering activity. This is a good point to share the lake level information that the Board would like to share. Commissioner Brault stated that the goal is to accurately as possible covey the Lakefront Master Plan. The Board would like to offer some clarification on some of the inaccurate information representation of the proposed beach house relative to the lake. Commissioner Brault asked Director Wilson to display the slide that shows the true representation of the proposed beach house relative to the water line. Commissioner Brault went on to discuss and depicted what the lake levels would have to be at to reach the proposed beach house.

Commissioner Crowley addressed the visitors, after people shouted out, on how the meeting will be ran and not ran if certain behavior continues.

Matt Cole, 822 Central, Wilmette – He commented that it is his understanding that the District did not get a bunch of conceptual ideas from different architects and that the District just chose one. He does not understand that something was not designed to, “knock our socks off.”

John McCarthy, 707 Laurel, Wilmette – He commented that everyone should not have been accused of doctoring the photo. Commissioner Brault apologized to anyone who was not involved in the altered photo.

Joseph Zuercher, 945 Michigan, Wilmette - He commented on abstaining from spending the money that is on the balance sheet and use when you really need it. What he likes about Langdon beach is there is nothing on it. Keep it this way.

Karl Scheffer, 110 4th Street, Wilmette –He stated, “Ditto” with everything Mr. Scanlan stated.

Richard Huszagh, 1619 Elmwood, Wilmette – He stated he is in favor of not putting a permanent structure at Langdon beach. He would like to keep the natural beauty of the park. He added he is concerned about the overall budget for Gillson Park. He would like to see information on the website to justify the improvements. He agrees with the speaker who stated to keep Langdon the way it is.

Bill Hart, 1004 Ashland Avenue, Wilmette – He does not agree with separating Langdon and Gillson. He would like to see Langdon eliminated completely. He would also like to see the plan for Gillson minimalized.

Tom Sparks, 931 Westerfield, Wilmette – He stated he is a sailor and commented on the lake levels. On Halloween this year there were big winds and big waves. If there was a building down there that building would be taking water. He commented that people want to be heard and emphasized to listen to people so they feel heard.

Dennis Chookaszian, 1100 Michigan, Wilmette – He stated he is also a sailor and commented on the lake level issues. There has been a lot of misinformation about that. The thought that the lake level would flood the proposed beach house, in his judgment is “preposterous.” He added for the lake level to flood that beach house then downtown Chicago would be underwater. The lake level only varies five feet from high to low over 100 years. It is close to the high level now if it got to that high water mark, which it could, it would still be way beyond that. There is not much risk for that building in anyway being damaged by the lake level. He feels the bigger issue is the financial issue in regards to the pension systems which are out of control. Commissioner Brault commented on the District’s pension liability, as financial accounting standard board defines the District unfunded pension liability. The District is currently 80% funded and the way the financial standard board looks at that issue, next year it could be about 92% funded based on the new calculations. 

Elissa Morgante, 1537 Washington Avenue, Wilmette – She stated she agrees with everything that has been said. She commented on the designing and developing of Lakefront Master Plan and making it more of a “wow” and “something that is really enhancing our most precious amenity that we have in this community rather than just replacing it with more functional, somewhat mundane buildings.” She asked as a community do we want more people, activities and weddings and events happening there by enlarging it with the new renovations. This will change the feeling there.

Ed Meade, 1612 Highland Avenue, Wilmette – He asked why a construction management firm was hired for the Lakefront Master Plan before we have the funds to do that. He stated that the reason the debt service is dropping is due to Mallinckrodt. Commissioner Brault stated that it was a combination of Mallinckrodt and Centennial Pool. Mr. Meade commented that the goal should be zero taxes every year. He added because it is dropping is not a license to spend more money. Langdon is not necessary.

Commissioner Olvany commented on the debt declining and what impact it would have on the community if the referendum for $14.5 million dollars did not take place. If the $14.5 million dollars was not issued in bonds in 2015-2016, the average tax payers’ bill would be reduced by 1%. There are many things that need to be done that are infrastructure issues. The split would fall between the proposed costs for Gillson and for Langdon. The average tax payer expenditure for Gillson is about $110.00 and for Langdon it is $15.50 annually. This would be the aggregate that would be saved by not doing either of those projects. Commissioner Abbott stated that he has reviewed the Lakefront Master Plan in great detail to his satisfaction and with his background experience.

Mark Weyermuller, 208 Lawndale, Wilmette – He would like to see property taxes decreased. He asked the Board to not have the $14.5 million dollar vote on the ballot and stated he will be voting no either way. He will also vote no on all the Board members that support this. He added that pensions should be 0% funded and have nothing to do with pensions. The whole thing seems like a big sales pitch.

Joe Tilson, 1144 Chestnut Avenue, Wilmette – He stated he believes that the Langdon plan is a terrible idea. The area is a tiny natural beach; which could possibly get smaller due to water levels.  He stated he knows who put the picture together showing the water level and the building. He stated it was only to depict where the lake levels had been. He added fundamentally there is no good reason to violate the District’s mission of preserving nature space for future generations. It will be a mistake to have this on the ballot. 

Elizabeth Cochran, 621 Park Avenue, Wilmette – She stated, “Maybe it doesn’t matter to other people in this room, but to me it would matter a big deal if my taxes went down $100. There are 16 taxing entities and 16 times 100 is $1,600.” She asked what it would take to get to no debt and if there was a report that was ever done that showed must do infrastructure. Commissioner Benz stated that the Commissioners analyzed the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and once those costs exceeded more than 50% cost of replacement it was a bad economic move to keep pouring that money into maintenance. Ms. Cochran commented she was looking for a number to compare what the proposing spending versus what it would cost just to fix everything that is beyond its shelf life. She asked to get an executive summary of the line item budget on the website. Commissioner Brault stated that the District’s budget meeting is this Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Commissioner Shelly stated that there has been 4-6 years of input from the community with many people asking for washrooms at Langdon. She stated that the reason we got to where we got was based on the community input.

Peter Baugher, 1310 Sheridan Road, Wilmette – He commented on the amount of money being spent at Langdon and what you get for your money and the spoiling of a beautiful small park. He stated that many people do not have anything nice to say about the Langdon structure that is proposed. Commissioner Brault commented on two components of cost for Langdon. One being the tot lot, the cost to renovate is approximately $500,000. The cost of the bathrooms and beach house is about $800,000. 

Carrie Meade, 1612 Highland Avenue, Wilmette – She agrees with all the thoughts on Langdon. She stated she is part of the appearance review board for Wilmette. She encourages the Board to take these plans to that Board to review and discuss.

Rick Prohub, 2435 Ramona Lane, Wilmette – He stated that Director Wilson helped him understand where this process has gone. He would like to see Langdon dropped and respect the openness of the natural setting. He commented to focus on the infrastructure only.

Ann Taubeneck, 1049 Greenwood, Wilmette – She commented that Langdon is the most beautiful place in Wilmette. She stated it is a terrible idea to put a building on it.

Mary Shea, 735 Michigan Avenue – Wilmette - She asked for her email to be added to the Board meeting minutes for November. Director Wilson stated her detailed comments will be added to the minutes. She asked for her handout given to Director Wilson, at this meeting, to be added to the record of minutes for December (see attached).

Piper Rothchild, 1046 Elmwood, Wilmette – She stated she is concerned with the expenditure of a bluff walk which would overlook a parking lot. She does not see the purpose for this. She is concerned that the consultants have not taken into account the migrating birds along the sidewalks. She added that the parking issues with Lakeview Center and rentals are a concern. She agrees to leave Langdon as is. Commissioner Abbott commented that the conceptual plan calls for bio swales which are islands that sit up higher. The proposed parking lot will be a different reconfiguration but with the same number of parking spaces. He stated that the idea of the bluff walk was for getting more of a panoramic view.

Commissioner Crowley stated that this will end the recognition of visitors and the commentary portion of the meeting. He thanked everyone for their comments which are taken very seriously.

V. Approval of Voucher List

Commissioner Olvany moved and Commissioner Benz seconded a motion to approve the Voucher List in the amount of $4,593,998.79, a copy of which is to be attached to and become a permanent part of the minutes of this meeting.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

VI. Executive Director’s Report

Director Wilson reported on the following topics:

  • An approval of the 2014 Tax Levy Ordinance and a Resolution directing the County where to reduce the tax levy in the event the District over extensions for 2014 will be discussed for approval under the Financial Planning Committee report along with a few PTAB Resolutions.
  • The 2015 Budget meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
  • A recommendation will be discussed from the Lakefront Committee to hire the construction management firm but no contract will be approved tonight.
  • A recommendation will be discussed from the Lakefront Committee regarding the possibility of splitting the referendum vote into two questions.
  • An approval for the 2015 Board Meeting Schedule will be discussed under new business.

VII. Committee Reports

Commissioner Crowley started Committee reports with Facilities.

A. Facilities Operations Committee:

Commissioner Shelly reported on the following topics:
? Committee did not meet this month.

B. Parks & Recreation Committee:

Commissioner Wolfe reported on the following topics:

  • The Committee met on November 17th.
  • The Wilmette Wings organization approached the Committee to discuss some possible lighting at West Park. They are in the process of rallying some other organizations as well to see what they can do.
  • At Paddle, the lights will remain on until 11:00 p.m.
  • Sign up for all classes begins tomorrow, December 9th for all residents and December 16th for non-residents.

C. Golf Operations Committee:

Commissioner Crowley reported on the following topics:

  • The Committee did not meet this month.

D. Financial Planning & Policy Committee:

Commissioner Olvany reported on the following topics:

  • The Committee met on November 17th.
  • The tax levy report was discussed and the increase is 0.15%.
  • The Committee discussed the concept of having some allocation of non-resident fees from the lakefront be allocated to pay off some of the referendum debt. Staff will continue to look into some type of methodology to allocate a portion of non-resident fees to retire the debt. 

Commissioner Olvany moved and Commissioner Brault seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2014-R-11, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING INTERVENTION IN A PENDING PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT APPEAL (1618 CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION).

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

Commissioner Wolfe moved and Commissioner Benz seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2014-R-13, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING INTERVENTION IN A PENDING PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT APPEAL (NUNILO G. RUBIO).

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

Commissioner Olvany moved and Commissioner Brault seconded a motion to approve Ordinance 2014-O-6, AN ORDINANCE LEVYING AND ASSESSING THE TAXES OF THE WILMETTE PARK DISTRICT FOR THE YEAR 2014 as recommended by the Financial Planning & Policy Committee.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

Commissioner Olvany moved and Commissioner Brault seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2014-R-12, A RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE MANNER OF ANY REDUCTION OF THE AGGREGATE EXTENSION OF THE 2014 TAX LEVY OF THE WILMETTE PARK DISTRICT, COOK COUNTY, ILINOIS IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH THE PROPERTY TAX EXTENSION LIMITATION LAW as recommended by the Financial Planning and Policy Committee.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

E. Lakefront Committee:

Commissioner Abbott reported on the following topics:

  • Lakeview had 10 rentals for the month of November.
  • Registration for boat slots will open up to residents December 9th.
  • The Committee met with potential construction management firms. After the first round with Staff, the selected three firms were interviewed. The unanimous recommendation was to hire W.B. Olson for the Lakefront Master Plan. Director Wilson stated that the preconstruction fee is $15,000 which would be credited back as a rebate on additional fees if the plan moved forward with a positive referendum outcome. Commissioner Abbott stated it is beneficial and strongly recommended that a construction manager is on board who can provide insight as the plan moves forward. The recommendation is to hire W.B. Olson which will be discussed at next month’s meeting.
  • There is a recommendation coming from the Lakefront Committee to consider the Lakefront Master Plan referendum on the 2015 ballot.

Commissioner Benz moved and Commissioner Olvany seconded a motion to direct staff to work with bond and general council to prepare the language for two referenda to be considered by the Board of Park Commissioners at the January 12, 2015 board meeting.

Commissioner Wolfe commented that she believes the referendum questions should be separated and held in separate elections. She stated she is not sure putting the Langdon question on the same referendum is a good idea.

Commissioner Brault commented that after working on this plan for the past 6 to 7 years and information gathered from many sources is the reason we got to the plan is because we had a balance of opinion that was collected over time. He stated it is important to put this question up to the residents and let them decide.

Commissioner Olvany commented that in the November 3rd Lakefront Committee meeting, he stated some goals that were being set out for Langdon. He added he stands by these particular goals. That during our community outreach we need to be sensitive to what the goals are at Langdon with the new structure and emphasize the enhanced experience. He pointed out some goals of Langdon: 1) senior access to beach, which is a large population in that area; 2) improve the tot lot; 3) maintain a high level of security since the building will not be utilized 12 months out of the year; and 4) the District is not increasing parking or circulation. He commented that the community needs the opportunity to voice their opinion in a broad sense. He mentioned that splitting the question into two separate referendums will give the democratic process the ability to play itself out.

Commissioner Shelly commented that the one thing she heard over and over again was bathrooms and a facility to use at Langdon. She stated we need to meet the needs of the larger community. She feels that putting the question on the ballot is a fair way to go. She stated she thinks Mr. Scanlon’s efforts have been great for getting more people involved. She commented that a better job needs to be done to get the renderings with specific information out for people to see. She stated that two referendum questions should be on the ballot.

Commissioner Abbott commented and supported the motion to direct staff to prepare the language for the referendum. Commissioner Olvany commented that this process has been exactly what the District is looking for. He stated that this Board and Staff have done a spectacular job of taking the input and listening to the community to come up with a solution that allows the entire Wilmette community to voice their opinion on the plan set forth.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

VIII. Unfinished Business


IX. New Business

A. 2015 Board Meeting Schedule

Commissioner Abbott moved and Commissioner Benz seconded a motion to approve the 2015 Regular Board Meeting Schedule.

By a roll call vote, voting Yes: Commissioners: Benz, Brault, Crowley, Olvany, Abbott, Shelly and Wolfe; voting No: None. Absent: None; motion carried.

X. Adjournment

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at
9:52 p.m.