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Ice Rink Rentals

Rent-a-Rink for broomball, hockey and other skating events. Ice is available on a limited basis. Call 847-256-9666 for more information or ask at the Ice Rink office.

Main Rink: $370 per hour

Studio Rink: $170 per hour

Rent-A-Room for meetings, parties or other special events held either in conjunction with a skating event or separately. There are three Multi-Purpose Rooms in the facility.

  • Lower Level Room: Located in the lower level of Centennial Ice Rinks with ample outlets, tables and chairs. It accommodates up to 75 people.
  • Mezzanine Level Room: Located adjacent to the Ice Rink Office, it features easy access to both the main and studio rinks. This room can accommodate up to 40 people for meetings or parties.
  • Upper Level Room: Located near the Wilmette Tennis Club, it is equipped with a sink and full-size refrigerator. It is perfect for smaller groups of no more than 20 people.

Room rental rates:

  • $30 per hour, with ice rental.
  • $40 per hour, meeting only.

Your Event—Our Equipment To Go 
Did you know that Centennial Ice Rinks has ice skates and broomball equipment you can rent and take off-site? Ice skates can be rented by the day ($10) or week ($30) plus a $5 maintenance fee per pair. Broomball equipment rental includes 12 brooms and two broomballs in each set. The cost is $50 per day. For more information call Centennial Ice Rinks at 847-256-9666. 

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