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WGA Leagues

The Wilmette Women's Golf Association (WGA) is the governing body for five golf leagues: three 18-hole leagues and two 9-hole leagues. League officers for 2014 are listed below with contact information.

WGA Board 2014

President:  Cathie Knobel  (Tags 9)
Vice President:  Muggsy Jacoby (WWGA)
Secretary:  Joanne Crawford  (Wil-Tags)
Tournament:  Nancy Canafax (SWG)
Treasurer: Debbie Rezabek  (W-K 9)
Past President:  Katie White (SWG)

Women’s Golf Leagues’ Officers 2014

WIL - TAGS              (Monday 18 Hole League)
President:       Mary Ujhelyi  mkuasu@aol.com   847-431-2390
WGA Rep.    Joanne Crawford  rawwf5j@hotmail.com   847-256-6621
Membership    Barb Flynn   bflynn41@comcast.net   847-251-8179

W-K 9                         (Monday, 9 Hole League)
President:    Debbie Rezabek  DPRezabek@earthlink.net  847-456-3986
WGA Rep.  Debbie Rezabek  DPRezabek@earthlink.net  847-456-3986
Membership Gloria Koenig    glorykoenig@yahoo.com    847-251-0597

SWG                           (Tuesday, 18 Hole League)
President:  Mickey Poulos  golfingmickey@comcast.net 312-502-5886
WGA Rep. Nancy Canafax  ntcan@sbcglobal.net  847-256-5805
Membership  Elizabeth Burton  ecburton@comcast.net  847-256-3427

Tags 9                       (Tuesday, 9 Hole League)
President: Anne Heynen  anneheynen@comcast.net  847-256-8402
WGA Rep. Cathie Knobel  kuknobel@yahoo.com    224-213-7023
Membership Carol Mooney  carol.mooney@sbcglobal.net  847-486-8407

WWGA                       (Thursday, 18 hole)
President:     Sharon Petersen  Wesley2245@sbcglobal.net 847-869-6450
WGA Rep.  Muggsy Jacoby  muggsyjacoby@sbcglobal.net 847-924-3811
Membership Marty Burns mburns@scilearn.com  847-328-7034

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