Wilmette, IL

Overcast, light rain
  • Overcast, light rain
  • Temperature: 60.8 °F
  • Wind: S, 17.3 mph, gusts up to 26.5 mph
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Thu, 2017-04-27 04:51


Fall/Winter Leagues

Leagues form in the Summer for the Fall season. If you are interested please contact Ania Kazakevich at the Wilmette Platform Tennis Club at 847-920-3678.

The Wilmette Platform Tennis Club will coordinate Women's and Men's in-house and inter-club league play. Open courts are available. New players are welcome.Our paddle hut offers great views of all courts. Beverage and food service is carry-in. We are conveniently located near the Eden’s Expressway.

You must purchase a membership to be eligible for CPTC or NSWPL league play.

Click here for membership information, fees and daily court rates.

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