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President's Message

Spring/Summer 2017

As the weather warms and the sun begins to shine a little more, it becomes time to think about the fun we can have in our community. In the Spring/Summer issue of Explore!, you will find a plethora of options for people of all ages. You can find something that aligns with your interests, or try something new. Beyond our programs, it is exciting that our seasonal facilities will be opening soon. Come and play some golf at the Wilmette Golf Club, get to the pool for family time or some lap swimming, spend time at the beach or just get out for a stroll through one of our parks.

Speaking of the fun ahead, hopefully you have begun to see the information from us regarding the late summer programming that has been developed to fill the time between the end of camp and the now later start to the school year. We hope that the long summer will allow you to take even more advantage of what we have to offer.

I also wanted to bring you up to date on where we stand with the efforts at Gillson Park. We are in the final stages of finalizing the contracts for a professional team of architects and construction managers to help us develop new designs for the beach house and parking lot in Gillson Park. While we are thankful to have professionals working on this task, the real leaders of this process will be you, the resident. Your input will be the most valuable asset in this process. To fully participate, please attend our Lakefront Committee and Board of Park Commissioner meetings when you can. Also be on the lookout for special workshops designed to gather your input early in the process so the designs can reflect the community on the whole.

I wanted to remind everyone that there is an election in April for all your local units of government. I encourage you to get to know all the candidates and encourage you to participate in the election process. Remember, the people you elect are an extension of the electorate, so the best way to have your voice heard is to vote informed.

Last, I want to say thank you to the Wilmette community. While I am not leaving the Board of Park Commissioners after this upcoming election, I will only be on the board for another two years. I will not be president any more, and I do not plan to run again. Therefore, I wanted to take this last President’s message to express my gratitude to all of my fellow Wilmettians for their participation in local issues. It makes us a stronger community, and I am grateful to have played a small part in the process.

-John J. Olvany
Board of Park Commissioners
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