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Wilmette Park District Theater Auditions

The Wilmette Center for the Arts announces ADDITIONAL auditions for the summer production of BYE BYE BIRDIE, directed by Ashton Byrum.

Additional General auditions will be Tuesday, May 10th from 7pm until 10pm, with Callbacks on the evening of May 11th. Rehearsals begin the week of May 23rd.

The production is an outdoor production that will take place at the Wallace Bowl amphitheatre in Gillson Park, just off of Lake Michigan and accessible via the Linden stop on the Purple Line. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, July 14 – 23.


Albert Peterson: High Baritone, Dancer/Good Mover. Charming actor, great physicality, funny. Nervous Young Man in his early 30s and President of Almaelou Music Corp.

Rose Alvarez: Mezzo/Belt. Excellent Dancer. Gorgeous. Late 20s. Albert’s secretary and long time girlfriend (who’s running out of patience). A City girl. Role originated by Chita Rivera.

Conrad Birdie: Rock Star, a la Elvis Presley. Baritone with great pop/rock style, Moves well, great physique. Early 20s. Suave. Cocky.

Mrs. Mae Peterson – 60s, Albert’s long-suffering, manipulative mother. Guilt trips are her most powerful weapon. Keeps getting between Albert and Rosie.

Kim MacAfee – Soprano with warm chest voice. 15 years-old from Sweet Apple, Ohio. She is very pretty and quite self-possessed.

Mrs. Doris MacAfee – Mezzo soprano – good with harmony. Late 30s- 40s. Pretty 1950’s wife and mother of Kim and Randolph. “Donna Reed” type. Always calming her husband down,

Mr. Harry MacAfee – Baritone/Character singer. Good with harmony. 40’s – early 50s. Character actor. Kim’s very traditional father – funny. Sings “Kids”. Secretly excited to be on Ed Sullivan show. Role originated by Paul Lynde.

Randolph MacAfee – 8 -13 years old. Great singer – unchanged voice, good harmony skills. Kim’s younger brother, energetic – funny.

Ursula Merkle – Kim’s best friend. Character belt. Hyper-enthusiastic Conrad Birdie fan.

Hugo Peabody – Kim’s steady High School Boyfriend. 15-17. Clean cut, earnest. Young.

Teen Ensemble – Great actors (male and female), that sing and dance well to play fans of Conrad Birdie and high-school students in Sweet Apple, Ohio. (Can be played by actors 14 - early 20s). Various speaking roles and solo lines. Two young girls will have dance specialty in “Put On A Happy Face”.

Adult Ensemble – Parents, Policemen, Reporters, Gloria Rasputin, Need Character men to sing in a quarter, Shriners. Should all be strong actor/singers who move well.

Please prepare 32 measures (or up to one minute) of an up-tempo song in the style of the show that best shows off your voice and be prepared to dance. If you wish to be considered for a principal role, please have a contrasting second song choice ready if asked.

Auditions are open to all adults and teens that will be entering into his or her freshman year in high school.

To schedule an audition, please email your name, which audition date you would like to attend and your contact info to auditions@wilpark.org.

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