Definition of Residency/The Fair-Share Concept

Anyone living within the geographic boundaries of the Wilmette Park District is considered a resident. Outside of the Wilmette geographic boundaries, this privilege is also extended to Kindergarten through Grade 8 students living in the geographic boundaries of Wilmette Public Schools District 39 or Avoca School District 37. Parents of these children are not eligible for resident fees. Wilmette residents, via property taxes, make financial contributions to the operation of the park system. A "Fair-Share" policy has been adopted to apportion an equalizing user fee to our non-resident participants so they contribute to the overall financing of the park system on an equitable basis.

Cancellations, Refunds

The Wilmette Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes, or change instructors. If insufficient enrollment causes a class to be cancelled, notification will be given and full tuition refunded. Withdrawals prior to the start of class, or stated withdrawal date,
receive a full refund. A prorated refund will be issued for withdrawals after classes begin. Camps, sports leagues and year-round childcare programs have separate refund policies.

Commitment to Quality

The Wilmette Park District is committed to providing quality recreation programs to the public. If you feel our programs did not meet your expectations due to the quality of instruction or program content we will refund your money 100 percent. Because we want to catch and correct problems as soon as possible, we ask your cooperation in this manner:

1) Attend at least two classes in a session of four weeks or more; one week of camp; or three swimming classes before requesting your refund. You must inform us prior to the third class (fourth for swimming) or second week of camp that you would like a refund.

2) Complete the Commitment to Quality form Your input is vital to us as we determine what improvements are needed to maintain the quality of our recreation programs. The Commitment to Quality form is available at our Administrative Offices, Centennial Recreation Complex and the Community Recreation Center. Our Commitment to Quality applies to recreation programs, including camps, where park district personnel instruct or supervise an activity. The policy excludes trips, special events, rentals, leagues, memberships and season passes.

Financial Assistance

The Wilmette Park District recognizes there are community residents who may suffer, at any time, from economic setbacks that might preclude their participation in Wilmette Park District programs. If such a need exists, please contact the director's office at the Park District Administrative Office in the Village Hall prior to registration by calling 847/256-9610.

Individuals with Disabilities

The Wilmette Park District is committed to providing recreation in the most integrated setting possible. If you, a family member or friend has a disability and are interested in participating in or attending Wilmette Park District programs or activities, we will make reasonable accommodations to facilitate that opportunity. We urge you to contact us in advance of program participation to arrange accommodations. For information call 847/256-6100. For the hearing impaired needing assistance, call 847-256-6100.

The Wilmette Park District also provides specialized services through the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA). For more information on NSSRA programs and services call 847-509-9400 or visit their website.


Click here to download a copy of the Wilmette Park District's Ordinance Regulating the Use of the Parks and Property Owned or Controlled by the Wilmette Park District (Conduct Ordinance).