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Facility Rentals

The Wilmette Park District has several rental options available at our facilities which can accommodate special party and meeting needs. Please call the facility directly for more information regarding availability.

The Mallinckrodt Center
1041A Ridge Road

Located in a newly renovated 1916 historic building that is set in a stunning 14-acre park, this community center space offers an impressive spot for your event or meeting. It is the new home of the Meskill Center, the Park District's active adult 50 and over program. 
     The largest room can accommodate 80 people and is attached to a state-of-the-art kitchen--especially appreciated by caterers. Smaller rooms can accommodate various group sizes. Among your choices is a large room with wooden floors which is available for classes and meetings—it has access to an outdoor picnic area and Mallinckrodt Park.
     Other available space includes a room which has been outfitted as a library/computer room -- perfect for meetings. An outdoor patio area is available as well as a gazebo. The Mallinckrodt Center is handicapped accessible and includes a convenient parking lot adjacent to the community center entrance. Please call for availability.

Lakeview Center in Gillson Park
Michigan and Washington Avenues

Set in scenic Gillson Park with beautiful vista views of Lake Michigan, the Lakeview Center offers a perfect setting for a meeting or special party. There are two rooms available for special events. The Lakeview Room has a fireplace and a balcony which overlooks the lake. The Gillson Room looks out into the park. Kitchen facilities are available. The Lakeview Center is available for rental between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Call for available dates and more information.

Centennial Ice Rinks
2300 Old Glenview Road

Room Rental

Rent-A-Room for meetings, parties or other special events held either in conjunction with a skating event or separately. Rental rates are: $30 per hour, with skating or broomball; $40 per hour, meeting only. There are three Multi-Purpose Rooms in the facility. Call 847-256-9666 for availability.

  • Lower Level Room: Located in the lower level of Centennial Ice Rinks with ample outlets, tables and chairs. It accommodates up to 75 people.
  • Mezzanine Level Room: Located adjacent to the Ice Rink Office, it features easy access to both the main and studio rinks. This room can accommodate up to 40 people for meetings or parties.
  • Upper Level Room: Located near the Wilmette Tennis Club, it is equipped with a sink and full-size refrigerator. It is perfect for smaller groups of no more than 20 people.


For broomball, hockey and other skating events. Ice is available on a limited basis. Call 847-256-9666 for more information or ask at the Ice Rink office.

Main Rink: $360 per hour
Studio Rink: price varies by activity (see below)

  • Skating: $145 per hour for 1-40 participants; additional $1.50 per person for 41-60 participants; skate rental special rate of $3.50.
  • Broomball: $165 per hour on the studio rink or $365 per hour on the main rink. Equipment for up to 16 players is included. Additional broomball equipment may be rented for $25 per set. This is a fun, action-packed game for both children and adults, played on rough ice while wearing sneakers, rubber-soled shoes or boots. It is similar to hockey using nets for goals.
  • Hockey: $150 per hour on the studio rink, goal nets included.  
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