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Centennial Ice Rinks

Centennial Ice Rinks

Rent-a-Rink at Centennial for broomball, hockey and other skating events. Ice is available on a limited basis. Call 847-256-9666 for more information or ask at the Ice Rink office. 

Main Rink: $365 per hour
Studio Rink: $170 per hour
Rent-A-Room at Centennial for meetings, parties or other special events held either in conjunction with a skating event or separately. Rental rates are: $30 per hour, with skating or broomball; $40 per hour, meeting only. 
There are three Multi-Purpose Rooms in the facility:
  • Lower Level Room: Located in the lower level of the Ice Rink. Attractively carpeted, paneled and mirrored with ample outlets, tables and chairs, it accommodates up to 75 people. 
  • Mezzanine Level Room: Located adjacent to the Ice Rink Office, it features easy access to both the main and studio ice rinks. This room can accommodate up to 40 people for meetings or parties.
  • Upper Level Room: Located near the Wilmette Tennis Club. This room is equipped with a sink and full-size refrigerator and is perfect for smaller groups of 20 people or less.
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