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Equipment List

House League and Travel Football 

  • Riddell Helmet: Provided by the Wilmette Park District. 
  • Riddell Shoulder Pads: Provided by the Wilmette Park District.
  • Game Jersey: Provided by the Wilmette Park District.
  • Game Pants: Reversible game pants will be provided for all House League participants by the Wilmette Park District. These pants will include sewn in knee, thigh, hip, and tailbone pads. House League players should wear game pants to practice as well. Regular game pants will also be provided to Travel League players by the Wilmette Park District, but due to sizing they will not include the above pads. 
  • Practice Pants- Are optional but travel players should purchase a practice pant.
  • 6-Pack Girdle: This is included as part of the House League game pants provided by the Wilmette Park District. House League participants still need to purchase a protective cup. For Travel Players, the game pants provided do not include a 6-pack girdle so that needs to be purchased by the participant.  The girdle is an under pant with hip, butt and thigh pads sewn in, and pocket for protective cup. Protective cup separately priced.
  • Kneepads: Provided for House League players in their game pants. Travel players must purchase a durable, shock-absorbing material not less than Y2 inch thick.
  • Game socks, belts and mouth guard- Provided by Wilmette Park District.  Each player gets 1 mouth guard.
  • Shoes: soccer shoes, sneakers or non-screw on rubber molded sports shoes required. NO METAL CLEATS.
  • Rib Protector: optional.   
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