Summer Basic Level Registration

No Lesson Lottery for Summer Instruction
Classes begin June 16 and run for 8 weeks
No class: Friday, July 4

  • Resident registration for Basic Level classes begins Tuesday, May 6, at 9 a.m.
  • Non-resident Basic Level registration begins Wednesday, May 7, at 9 a.m.
  • Register in-person only at Wilmette Tennis Club.
  • Wilmette Tennis Club membership is not required to register for lesson programs.
  • Residents have priority.
  • Regulation tennis shoes must be worn.
  • Tennis apparel is requested.
  • Balls are supplied, but racquets are not.
  • Group instruction with individual attention emphasized.
  • Supervisory instructor on each court.
  • Private instruction is available from the Wilmette Tennis Club professional staff. 

Tennis Instruction Levels 

The following are guidelines to help determine your level of tennis ability when registering for tennis instruction.

Basic Levels

  • Tiny Hitters: For 4 year-olds with minimal tennis experience.
  • Little Hitters I: For 5 to 6-year-olds with minimal tennis experience.
  • Little Hitters II: For 5 to 6-year-olds who have been in the program before and who have been promoted by the Tennis Club Staff.
  • Novice:  For 7 to 9- year-olds beginning to learn racquet skills with minimal tennis experience.
  • Junior and Adult Beginner: Individual with limited tennis experience. Wants to learn the fundamentals of tennis.
  • Junior and Adult Intermediate I: Individual with developing skills. Wants to improve fundamental strokes. Requires additional work on service motion and complete review of basic strokes.
  • Junior and Adult Intermediate II: Individual should be able to serve and hit ground strokes with moderate success. Consistency and competition is emphasized. Baseline game strategy is drilled.
  • Junior and Adult Intermediate III: Individual with consistent strokes. Students develop net play and drill baseline game.

Advanced Levels
Advanced Level programs require a tryout. Call Wilmette Tennis Club at 847/256-9676 for information.

  • Junior Excellence Program:  Advanced junior players who have mastered the fundamentals. Program includes Excellence 1 hour and 1½ hours.
  • Women's Drill, Play and Strategy:  Intermediate to advanced level students drill on all strokes and play competitively under the supervision of their instructor.
  • Pro-Amateur Drill:  Advanced players with a firm command of basic strokes drill on advanced strokes and strategy.
  • Instructional Leagues: For intermediate and advanced players, conducted under professional supervision. Emphasis is on doubles strategy. 


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