• Learn to Skate USA Program

    Our curriculum follows guidelines in the Learn to Skate USA program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and the Special Olympics. Classes offer something for everyone - from first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques. Students learn the joy of trying something new, celebrate accomplishments and engage in on-going learning.

    Exploring skating at their own pace, skaters develop skills based upon the ABCs of basic athleticism - agility, balance, coordination and speed. These are more than lessons in skating; they are essential elements of life. Skaters are equipped with the foundation necessary to reach their goals, be it recreation or competitive in nature.

  • From ISI to Learn to Skate USA

    Skaters registering for fall session will be informally evaluated at the start of the class session and your instructor may recommend a class level adjustment if needed. If so, we will work with you to find a class that both enriches your child's skill development and most importantly, comfortability on ice. Ultimately, we want them to be safe and to have fun.

    To make the transition easier on parents looking to register their child for the appropriate skating class, we have created the conversion table below. If you or your child are looking to register for the class equivalent to an ISI Program level, please register your child for the Learn to Skate USA class listed in the right column.

    ISI Program LTS USA Program
    Tot 1 Snowplow Sam 1
    Tot 2 Snowplow Sam 2
    Tot 3 Snowplow Sam 3
    Tot Elite Basic 2
    Pre-Alpha Basic 1
    Pre Alpha II Basic 2
    Alpha I Basic 3
    Alpha II Basic 4
    Beta I Basic 5
    Beta II Basic 5
    Gamma Basic 6
    Delta Pre-Free Skate
    Freestyle 1 Free Skate 1
    Freestyle 2 Free Skate 2
    Freestyle 3 Free Skate 3
    Freestyle 4 Free Skate 4
    Freestyle 5 Free Skate 5
    Freestyle 6 Free Skate 6
    Freestyle 7 Advanced Free Skate

    ASPIRE is designed for skaters looking to make the transition from learn-to-skate group classes to U.S. Figure Skating testing and competing in a safe, supportive group training environment. Skaters learn core values: Attitude, Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, and Effort. Classes include both on and off-ice training. Skaters develop good practice habits to skate recreationally or begin a competitive career.

    Each week, class will focus solely on a particular skill set, such as: edges, jumps, spin and music interpretation.

    Class structure:

    • 30 minutes off-ice
    • 40 minutes on-ice