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  • Early Childhood Center

    Early Childhood Center Preschool provides enriching preschool options for two, three and four year-olds that are nurturing, allow children to grow through their natural instinct to explore, lay solid foundations of self-confidence and prepare them for elementary school.

    Our programs, licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services, are based on the philosophy that children learn through play and experience. When given the opportunity, children will naturally explore, discover, learn to cooperate with others and develop strong self-esteem. Through a wide variety of experiences, children also develop their social, emotional and physical skills.

    At the Early Childhood Center, children learn in a place where each child meets with approval and success. Our teachers offer children a variety of individual, small and large group activities. We strive for every child to have a positive learning experience. Each classroom conducts weekly studies, offering areas for blocks and dramatic play, small and large motor activities and quiet time, as well as experiences with music, art, literacy, phonemic awareness, math and science.

    While our instructors offer each class an environment that gives children the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential, we also serve as a support system, helping to meet each individual family's needs.

    The Early Childhood Center follows the Wilmette Public Schools District 39 calendar of full days off, as well as one Park District staff in-service day.

    Early Childhood Center:
    Community Recreation Center
    3000 Glenview Road

    Catherine Meeth, Preschool Supervisor
    Tel: 847-920-3909

    • Full-Day Preschool

    Molly Walker, Preschool Supervisor
    Tel: 847-920-3910

    • Morning Preschool
    • Morning Preschool PLUS

    Preschool Options

    • EARLY BIRD CARE - An earlier start for your preschooler! Meets from 7:30-8:45 am

    • MORNING PRESCHOOL - Have fun while learning social skills and age-appropriate early academic skills, along with plenty of playtime and guided activities! Meets from 8:45-11:15 am

    • MORNING PRESCHOOL PLUS - Enjoy the same preschool experience, then join us for lunch followed by a preschool enrichment activity - art, dance, music, theater & more! Meets from 8:45 am-1 pm

    • FULL-DAY PRESCHOOL - Enjoy the same preschool experience all day long! Includes a catered lunch, outdoor play, a variety of activities and free exploration. Meets from 8 am-6 pm

  • Beyond the Bell

    Beyond the Bell offers a variety of unique before and after school programs to give your elementary schooler an enriching experience, while providing the coverage you need to suit your schedule.


    • Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road
    • Centennial Recreation Complex, 2300 Old Glenview Road
    • Central School, 910 Central Avenue
    • Harper School, 1101 Dartmouth Street
    • Lakeview Center, 800 Gillson Park Drive
    • McKenzie School, 649 Prairie Avenue
    • Romona School, 600 Romona Road
    Contact Email Phone Programs
    Ann Toma,
    Recreation Supervisor 847-251-6599 Morning CARE
    CARE After School
    Rosie Aliperta,
    Recreation Supervisor 847-256-9602 Campus Club
    • Centennial
    • McKenzie
    • Romona
    After School Clubs
    • Harper
    Niki Koclanes,
    Program Supervisor
    Campus Club
    • Lakeview Center
    After School Clubs
    • Central

    Beyond the Bell Options

    • Morning CARE - Morning CARE, held at District 39 Schools, provides a safe, supportive, fun and interactive experience before school begins.

    • CARE After School - CARE After School is focused on providing quality childcare with independent homework and structured, play-based free time. We will bus your child from their school to the Community Recreation Center. CARE is available until 4:45 pm or 6 pm. *If your child would like to register separately for an afternoon Park District program at the Community Recreation Center, CARE staff will escort your child to and from their scheduled program.

    • Campus Club - Choose your own adventure! Every day, Campus Club participants choose from a lineup of unique exploratory classes designed to build life skills and encourage social and emotional development. Time is also allotted each day for independent homework and structure, play based free time activities. *New in 2023-2024: Lakeview Center Campus Club location for Central School students! Lakeview Center will offer the same exciting exploratory classes, as well as a focus on outdoor adventure. Only offered to Central students at this time.

    • After-School Clubs - After-School Clubs offer a wide variety of one-hour enrichment "clubs," ranging from sports to science to music and much more! Families can choose to register for any available club. Clubs are only available to students enrolled at the host District 39 school. After-School Clubs are not guaranteed to run unless they meet their minimum registration requirement. Minimum requirements vary for each club. *After-School Clubs are enrichment activities; this is not a childcare program.

    • On most full days off from school, we offer School Day Off programs.

    For an in-depth look at Beyond the Bell programs, available day and time options, and a frequently asked questions guide, download the handout using the button below!

    Beyond the Bell: 2023-24 Handout